Chrysalis to Return?

With the return and reformation of Discord, the return of Trixie, and the upcoming return of the Flim-Flam brothers, the writers of My Little Pony have made it fairly clear that they have no objections to bringing back past antagonists to the show. Recent evidence obtained from an anonymous source at "Hub World" suggests that Queen Chrysalis may be one of these past antagonists in line for a future return.

Ogres are like Adobe animation programs...

Horse-News has received this totally legit screencap, showing a Cheeselegs puppet in Adobe Flash. Our source, who is a total wimp and doesn't want to get in trouble, so you know it must be true, says this puppet is totally going to be used for Season 5 of MLP, and isn't just a screencap of his own desktop for a Flufflepuff video project.

As seen in this image, the puppet for Chrysalis has been expanded upon.  However, the source indicated that this puppet was made specifically for Flash games.
>Flash games

This information comes following the release of a photo of a new Chrysalis toy from the New York Toy Fair that surfaced this month, featuring a Cheeselegs, apparently wearing socks. This of course caught the attention of fetishists bronies everywhere, who speculate that this development may indicate the return of the changelings, last seen in motion at the end of Season 2.

The return is likely to take place in Season 5.
Our source also gave us this. I think it's intended to show how expanding puppets work, but I cannot into animation.
The Changelings were also the subject of an arc of the My Little Pony IDW comics last year, continuing to build on their characters and expand their little-covered backstory. With the addition of this leaked build-in-progress, we're looking forward to the animated return of the Changelings and their new lingerie. So thank you "anonymous tipper" for this compelling evidence of the future.

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  1. >flash games

    God fucking dammit.

  2. ... buuut, dhx uses flash 8 from macromedia, they never use that layer naming, they have various perspectives in the *character symbol .

    You've been rused, and i think i know who did it.

    1. shh its a secret. dont mess with our sensationalism!

    2. I just screencapped this comment above me and am sending it to the JFEJF (Journalists For Ethical Journalism Foundation).
      Enjoy being sued, horse-news!!!!

  3. If Chrysalis does return, we might finally get an answer about whether the comics are canon or not. That'd be nice.

  4. If they are making new toys of Chrysalis she will surely appear again.
    Toys are always the most accurate forecasters.

    1. >derpy toys
      >Derpy returns
      >DJ-Pon3 Toys
      >She has a prominent role in EQG2
      >Alicorn Twilight toys BEFORE announcement
      >Alicorn Twilight happens
      Yeah, this article has a pretty safe assessment of the situation
      It's not a matter of "if" it's a matter of "when".