Flappy Bird, ponified. No one cares.

The thing you weren’t waiting for at all, made by the Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird, one of the most shittiest, pointless games that is actually worse than Angry Birds and it might make you an addict to it like ur mum is for dicks; has been ponified and made into different versions.

One of the versions of this game is “FlappyShy”, starring Yellow Quiet, made by Futzi01, creator of Most Epic Pony Game Ever… yeah, remember that? Holy shit, it was sure awesome. Man, I’m never going to forget that game, it was so epic! Remember when Pinkie- oh right, flappy pones.

Thanks for making my job easier, brah.

Also, the instructions are very clear.
Yo, really. Thanks.

Well, you know how it is. It’s pretty much the same, but instead of using a retarded fuck-ugly bird copy-pasted from one of the hundred games of Mario that flies between copy-pasted tubes from said franchise, you use that shy yellow equine that pretty much does nothing except for blowing Discord’s cock in her shed and using his cum as dressing for her salad. Anyway, when you lose the game, you get this, along with 2 options: “Replay” and “I’m sorry!”

Piss off, I ain’t doin’ more than one point for this article.

For you pussies who want to know what the option “I’m sorry!” leads tofucking canucks
Fuck off, Fluttershit.

Alrighty then, that’s one version covered. Now we have this other version made by the user called Urimas, which is pretty much the same, but this guy made an effort to make the game slightly different. The maker of this version made a difficulty system for you n00bs0rz, changed the background and changed the pipes for clouds.
The difficulties are set to 3 different pastel-colored miniature equines.
Banana Hush for Easy, Twinkle Butt for Medium and Cunt for Hard.

Welp, that’s pretty much it. Please enjoy these games and please, if you are feeling euphoric, try out Flappy Fedora. Avoid the MTN Dew cans by tipping your flying fedora and avoid getting friendzoned!

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  1. Fluttershit is worst pony.
    >inb4 someone links le ebin poll results xDD

    1. That poll was an example of twisted psychology. It was worded so that people thought it said "Vote for your favourite pony".
      In actuality it said "Vote for the pony you most want to die in the Season 4 finale".
      Best of all, it fooled everyone. So Fluttershy was chosen as the sacrific-- Winner.

      Grab some popcorn, the finale's gonna be radical.

  2. >no one cares
    Then don't write a fucking article about it you shitfuck cunt licker

    1. No one cares about you.
      Stop writing comments m8.

    2. #shotsfired