Friday Roundup

goddamnit derpy
/mlp/ shot their way to victory this afternoon scoring three goals against the in-house favorite /m/. This comes after a scandal involving /mlp/ handicapped the team by removing stat cards that effectivly put them on a crutch.
At the start of the game there was little push on either side, thus hinting at a 0-0 borefest. After a few plays of nothing Alicorn Twilight rushes up against the Iron Giant goal keep but barely misses, shooting high by inches.  /m/ then pushed back against the horsefuckers, but the play was destroyed by none other than MA Larson (Thank you MA Larson). The managers of/mlp/ then called for more frontline pressure in order to get more shots at the goal.

Out of no where, >RAPE then blitzes the iron giant to score a nice goal against /m/ midway through the half.  Jackie Chan Tulpa and MA Larson together halted the subsequent mecha counter assault, nearly eliminating any chance they had at ever scoring.

After the half, Alteisen Reise rushes the goal trying to score twice, but Jackie Chan Tulpa round housed his chances into the ground with his imaginary legs of steel.

Once Alteisen Reise was defeated, Tracy rrraped stomped over three defenders and scored an amazing goal against a nearly non existent Iron Giant midway through the second half.

Soon afterwords >RAPE is at it again non-consensually courting the Iron Giant and another defender with his ball(s) but chokes and accidentally the Iron Giants not so steel balls thus neutralizing the goal keeper and a defender.  After ricocheting off of the dazed Iron Giant, the ball lands at the feet of none other than our own Alicorn Twilight.  Twilight then kicks the ball straight over the head of the downed Iron Giant, scoring the final goal late into the game, making it a stellar 3-0 rape fest.
After winning their first game of the cup, /mlp/ was dubbed a "a well oiled machine" by one of the commentators due to the constant momentum and pressure /mlp/ had against /m/.  Every single play that /mlp/ had the ball, the never failed to bring it under the nose of the /m/ goal keeper. The MVP of the game was the goal keeper Jackie Chan Tulpa, who rightfully deserved it after saving a whopping 6 goals against the mecha attackers.

 This astounding win raises the hopes of horsefuckers everywhere, but will /mlp/ be able to keep up the momentum they enjoyed this game? Only the future will tell. 

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  1. >not posting how we can advance

    If we beat /s/ then we advance, if we draw or lose we get relegated.

    1. I thought we only get relegated if we're last in the group. (Which /m/ already did)

    2. No, everyone who does not advance is relegated. The >rape train needs to be set to MAXIMUM THRUST again.

  2. Thanks Thanks M.A. Larson

  3. /mlp/ FOUND A WAY