4chan 2014 Winter Cup - Weekend 2

It begins. Streaming at The 4chan Cup's twitch and hosted by Grand Commissioner DrBorisG where the G stands for gay, the second weekend of the 2014 Winter Cup and last leg of the Group Stage begins at 12pm EST, 5pm UTC. Check schedules and more below!
Group E

Match 1

/mlp/ vs /m/

Match 2
/asp/ vs /s/

Group F

Match 3

/v/ vs /int/ 

Match 4

 /x/ vs /c/

Group G

Match 5

 /wg/ vs /trv/

Match 6

 /ck/ vs /vr/

Group H

Match 7
 /b/ vs /soc/

Match 8

 /hr/ vs /an/

More virtual divegrass to come!

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