Friday Preview Clips - It's Twilight Time

Friday returns to us once again with the usual onslaught of Preview Clips for tomorrow's episode "Twilight Time" as well as more spoilers for everything else. We aggregate it here for you because, as recent polls show, you are all "lazy sacks of shit". That was the self-identification option that won out above all others. That's rather concerning considering how many must be in that category who were too lazy to even vote in it. I would post an image of said poll, but that would require extra effort.

In fact, we're SO dedicated to overt laziness here at Horse-News, that we've even decided to cut out the middleman, and deliver the episode clips to the homepage directly - TV guide's and Entertainment Weekly's My Little Pony Coverage is now direct-linked via RSS on the Horse-News Sidebar.

First up we have the Entertainment Weekly clip that went up around noon. We didn't bother posting it because we were too involved with watching the /mlp/ vs /m/ 4chan Cup Match. If you don't feel like sitting through 1 minute of ads to watch 30 seconds of Pony, all you need to know is that we apparently get to see Twilight teach the CMC how to cook meth in tomorrow's episode (which may explain why all the kids have drooling half-vacant stares on their faces in the "ZOMBIES?" image.

CMC spinoff: Breaking Babs
True to form, the Equestrian Equivalent of Trailer-Park Pony is the one who has the working knowledge of cooking crystal meth. Hanging out with the rhyming zebra out in the woods mixing up "special formulas" with "secret herbs" is really having a lasting effect on the impressionable Heisenberg Applebloom. Remember kids, just like they teach you in Chemistry Class, make sure your long hair is tied back when working in the lab, just like Applebloom here; she's a trained professional.
Which one is wearing the wire? The answer may shock you.

Yesterday's Facebook Clip:

Comments (4)

  1. New kid-pony designs all many aneurysms are about to happen from people seeing "their OC" in the crowd?

  2. Are we finally going to have Twilight's non celebrity status as an alicorn explained by her using some incognito spell which the CMC JUST FUCKED UP BY BRAGGING???

    No, I won't get my hopes up. They'll probably continue to avoid explaining why Twilight being an alicorn arouses no second glances, special treatment, or respect in the slightest.

    1. That's what happens when you let marketing shills write your episodes, dictate your season progressions, and lobotomize your once loved characters one by one without so much as a peep. Christ, no wonder Faust left.

    2. How is this surprising? Nobody gave 2 shits about them being the elements of harmony either.