Borg's brother plans brony bachelor party brings babes and Barney

Last Fall, Associate Director of PonyvilleLive and PR for BABScon "WeAreBorg", proposed to his girlfriend in front of the crowd during the VIP Q&A panel of Nightmare Nights Dallas. Despite her best judgement she happily accepted his proposal. Nearly 3 months have passed since that day, and as the days draw nearer, there is only one question on everyone's mind "what was she thinking?" "What are they doing for the bachelor party?" Never fear Borg's unnamed brother, help is here!

The proposal happens at 1:19:16

With only several months to go before the bachelor party, it was unclear if everything would be able to be booked in time, needing to coordinate everything from hookers to strippers entertainers and still making sure the groom has a good time. Luckily a long google search Found the perfect service, even located right in Texas! You can tell based on their very professional layout that they are up to the task. has it all, a petting zoo...

Barney and Friends (just like Scruffy said!)


Well what would you DO with a real My Little Pony at a party

There is no part of this that I need to emphasize for effect. It ALL works.
Thats how you know these guys are pros, they make sure to talk in code. Man, helmets are required? 3 ponies at a time? Hand washing station provided? Wow this must be a pretty kinky entertaining party. Can't wait to throw down some cash to rent the man a couple of-


Well I guess we could put a cowboy hat on him and call him Braeburn. Nothing wrong with some colt-cuddling fun before the big day.
Close enough! Say, how much is this going to cost?

I'm telling you, pros.
Well that's not too bad, but we'll probably have to Kickstarter this if we expect to have them for the whole party...wonder what all we get for that...

Urban Dictionary Definitons of Petting and Feeding
Those quotation marks are rather...ominous actually.

And what the fuck do THOSE quotes mean? But more importantly, what is the "United States Equestrian Federation"? How do we join? Are there meetings, or is it more of an anonymous "3 knocks then 2 knocks" sort of organization?
We aren't sure what all this equipment is used for, but we do hope it is leather.
But we're getting sidetracked here, we probably shouldn't be asking so many questions. We're just glad to have the proper brony-approved party outlet. To our friend until he reads this and groom-to-be WeAreBorg, don't worry you're going to have a great time. 
And even if you don't...WE will.

Don't show this to your fiance.

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  1. I...have no words...I may scream later though when my fiancee rips of my balls.

  2. Make sure you get the pony that drinks alcohol. I believe he goes by the name "suds."

  3. jesus fuck what a bachelor party.

  4. Most small children will do almost anything for stickers so for lots of games e.g. musical bumps, statues, sleeping lions don’t need prizes

  5. This sounds awesome... a very cool idea indeed.