Good whatever-time-it-is / "Twilight Time"

Mrs. Sparkle's Treasure Cove of Wonders garners youth of Ponyville's interest.
Well, today's episode day and I hope you're all ready for whatever comes out of this.
From the previews so far, it surprisingly doesn't reveal too much. Had a weird dream last night where she ended up finding two rainbow thingamabobs in this episode, but never mind that. Check for streams, synopsis and whatever else I've put down there after this break thing (Still getting use to this Blogger stuff here).

So in today's episode, the CMC do a thing and Twilight becomes a nerdy teacher to them or something. It's probably going to be some Lesson Zero-Point-Five thing given the synopsis, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's what the synopsis says;

'The Cutie Mark Crusaders realize they can use their ties to Twilight to increase their popularity.'


Will this be one of the fresh episodes, written to involve yet another rainbow key?
(I doubt it considering the whole 'main protagonist finishes last' thing)
Or will this be yet another unused, rejected episode script from back in seasons one and two, merely re-purposing Twilight to pad out the show until it inevitably plummets into full-on advertisement hell, all in order to get a quick paycheck or two before writers and staff alike start disappearing left and right with toilets clogging up all over the place? I'll let you decide.

Questions of the Day:

How many references or call backs will today's 22-minute commercial make?
How many cries of 'panda ring' will be made?
Who will be written as useless filler character(s)?
Does the show even interest you anymore?
Is there any outcome to this that you see as bettering the experience for you that does not involve influence from beyond the show itself?
What are you looking forward to this year?

Are you hugging your waifu right now?

Now that that's done with and out of the way, it's time for-

It's just streams

Brony Network
Equestria Reflection
Otaku Ascended
Brony TV
Equestria TV
World of Equestria

Eh. Anyway, here you go. Take your pick out of the lot and see which takes your fancy.
If there's anything else you'd like to see more posts about, just let me know.
I try to love you, but sometimes it's just hard.

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  1. I'm gonna need a lot of alcohol for this.

    1. Don't forget to gamble while you drink ...who-knows, maybe you'll win another house ^^