Equestria Girls 2 Toys unveiled at Toy Fair

As you've undoubtedly seen all over twitter and everywhere else, we've gotten looks at the merchandise for the upcoming Equestria Girls Sequel. Among them, the doll for Jem and the Holograms Adagio Dazzle (likely the antagonist for the movie), a seemingly white-skinned Zecora, a DJ-Pon3 doll and car (with wearable sunglasses windshield), an Octavia doll (complete with cello and bow), a new Queen Chrysalis (wearing socks), what appears to be a Photo Finish doll. Check out the video of the display below.
Or click THIS for the full-effect.

Elsewhere we also saw images of incoming pony dolls including keys and breezies. There is likely a connection between the breezies and the conversion of the rainbow objects into box keys. Also promotional art showing a castle being covered by what appears to be the tree of harmony.

Comments (4)

  1. The full effect option was fully appreciated. I can deal with whatever they put on the TV screen, but whoever designs these toys needs to lose their fucking job, even if I wasn't coming at it from the perspective of a brony. If I had daughters I would never buy these for them, I'd rather put up with the whining and crying and hissy fits and whatever bullshit they can throw at me just to avoid seeing these unsettling monstrosities around my house. I'M FUCKING PISSED and I was having such a great day with the awesome new episode now this comes along and shits all over everything, one thing I can't thank M.A. Larson for.

    1. Freak. These dolls are fucking SEXY.

  2. The sixth video in the "full effect" option doesn't seem to exist. Was that intentional?

  3. I'm scared, guys.

    T-this is...a whole new level that the ride as come to.