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Rarity is taken by Fluttershy's beautiful singing voice and offers her a spot on her a capella band, the Ponytones, but Fluttershy declines as she suffers from stage fright. After band member Big McIntosh loses his voice the day before a concert, however, Fluttershy agrees to sing his part behind the stage for Big McIntosh to lip-sync, taking a Poison Joke potion brewed by Zecora to deepen her voice as in "Bridle Gossip".

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Comments (3)

  1. 9/10 - "It's okay"

  2. Definitely doesn't live up to some of the other episodes this season. I'm sorry, but no amount of Fluttershy shaking her ass will change that. Once again she failed to show that she learned any lessons from previous episodes and her friends seemed to forget that Fluttershy is fucking SHY. Pinkie has regressed as well, big surprise there. Rarity was probably the best character in this episode since she actually acted like I'd expect her to.

    Music was decent enough, and I liked seeing more Big Mac in the episode.

  3. Shitty episode. 2/10. Would not watch again.