Disgraced Agatan Trying to Infiltrate Fandom After Sex Assault Allegations

Perfidious Albion: Disgraced Sex Assault Musician Trying to Infiltrate Community 

Fandom musician Agatan, at the centre of a sexual assault case in February at HarmonyCon in Dallas, has been found trying to infiltrate the fandom under the name Albion. In February, Agatan was accused by artist Gleamy Dreams of sexually assaulting her sister in the form of 'love bites' that the pair said were needlessly aggressive, and most importantly, she did not consent to. Now it appears he is back under the name Albion.

The photographs shown on Gleamy's twitter account, as above, show very serious bite marks that appear consistent with the teeth of an adult male. Bruising is present, indicating they were very close to breaking the skin. The incidents happened at various points over the weekend, including, it is alleged, inside the vendor hall. There are multiple photographs as evidence. The first is on the day after the attack. The other is a week later. Agatan stated that he didn't know she was unhappy with his advances, despite her statement that she physically resisted and even punched him.  She is physically much smaller and weaker. This is a photo of her arm, to give an indication.

Multiple allegations have been made, including from Drummershy, about past behaviour such as stalking. There is also an unrelated rape allegation as well, all available online on twitter.

Below is another screencap of inappropriate behaviour as he tried to coerce Gleamy and her partner Moontune.

To add further context, there were allegations that Agatan had fled the US before a trial was set. This can also be verified as true. This reporter has been provided evidence from a trusted and close source that confirms it. This reporter has also seen evidence that shows Agatan rebooked his flight to an earlier one at the last minute. These flights cost upwards of $500. This is something one only does in an emergency. I can also confirm that Irving Police arrived on the premises to speak to him. Agatan's behaviour generally at the convention seemed very unusual and standoffish, according to eyewitnesses, after the apparent time of the main incident. This reporter also noticed something unusual. His twitter has been inactive for several months. His twitter bio was changed to a hint at having 'nothing to lose'. Possibly implying he feels he has been cancelled. And most of all has not commented on the situation. There is clear evidence to suggest that Agatan sexually assaulted someone.

And in the past few weeks, another trusted source has come forward with further allegations that he is now trying to infiltrate the fandom again under the name Albion. This source has informed Horse News that Agatan has even tried to apply to more than one European convention as a musical act. Agatan even changed the name of his main Discord account to 'Nick', his first name. All signs point to an attempt to regain access to the community by lying low and minimizing the loss of his current contacts. 

Agatan, seen here with his mother Jenny.

This is insidious behaviour, and it appears that despite being effectively exiled from the United States under threat of arrest for missing a trial, he has not taken any actions to defend himself. If you have any further information on the matter, you can contact my twitter in strictest confidence @snapthepony. DMs are open.

 --Dr. Foal Duke.

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  1. Although it was time-consuming for me to read through all of the comments, I thought the article was quite interesting. It ended up being quite beneficial to me, as I'm sure it will be to everyone else who comments on this post. It is always a pleasure when, in addition to gaining knowledge, one can also be entertained.

  2. Hard to trust anything after/in the #metoo phase, but the evidence here is pretty clear to the point of my support. Good evidence, good logic.
    Don't keep the shitters, and always never let them back in.

  3. I can also confirm that Irving Police officers arrived on the scene to speak with him. Eyewitnesses reported that Agatan's behavior at the conference was strange and standoffish after the apparent time of the major incident. This reporter also observed anything peculiar. His Twitter account has been inactive for several months. His Twitter bio was modified to suggest that he has 'nothing to lose'. Possibly hinting that he believes he has been cancelled. I particularly appreciate the topic about how government expenditure can be used to create jobs and increase consumer spending.

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