Politics News Weekend Roundup: NO U, mon brave.

Leader of Prance Pulls a NO U Amidst Tight Race in Polls

Over the weekend, the fighting in Ewe-Crying has been more intense in the Eastern neighborhood of Don'task than it has been since it started. In the meantime, changes have been happening all over Equestria. Lets take a look at the latest updates.

The current sitting governor of the Prance province, Fallabelle Megatron, is currently in a tight race for the polls against incumbent right-wing candidate Neighpoleon, leader of the National Rally. He has so far held his position, but this time it is reported that the squat, dumpy nag known as Neighpoleon is close enough that a projected victory for her is within the margins of error.

Falabelle has pulled a major NO U, also known as a turnabout or tu quoque (pronounced “Two Coke-ay”).

 An artist's impression, by Smoldix on Derpibooru.
"Two nearly identical politicians having an argument, through the eyes of the voter."

Prance is known for its unique voting system, in which there are two rounds of voting. The first is when one selects their preferred candidate, and then the winners go onto the next round. This is accompanied with an official state boxing-chess combo match between both (or in some cases, multiple) candidates, followed by a pastry bake-off and mud slinging free for all. Spectators to these may change their mind if they wish, with the reason being that they have actually bothered to turn up to keep this archaic tradition relevant and keep the tourism cash in flow.

In the mud slinging free for all, Fallabelle seemed eager to try and ensure people he is not a fascist, to one-up his opponent who has been accused of fascism. Who is not quite a fascist, and has repeated this constantly as her main redeeming quality for Government. Falabelle took the time to bring in outsider politicians. The Governer of Poneland, Mateusz Mare-wrecker, had derided him for attempting talks with Vladdy Maud-Pie Tin, the leader of the Mares' Co research community and land. Even accusing him of negotiating with fascists.

In response, Fallabelle has hit back as part of the mud slinging ceremony, referring to him as a far right Jewnicorn hater who bans LGBT ponies. This is instead of trying to keep a united front, and it is possible that should Neighpoleon win, there will be no negotiating with Vladdy what so ever.

Neighpoleon will likely not negotiate with Vladdy at all. As a fellow hardline nationalist, she may very well let him do what he likes.

Hey Ed, should I say this situation involves a massive tu quoque, or Two Massive Cocks, eh?

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