Frontline Dispatches: Triumphs and Atrocities - The Real Horrors Unmasked

Warning: the following article contains images and links that show war crimes.

Note: if you want to assist humans who are suffering in the crisis, here is a list of reputable charities to consider donating to.

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In the past twenty four hours, comedian and entertainer Cheese Sandwich, mayor of Ewe-Crying, has announced that his security teams have managed to successfully retake not only the entirety of Cave, the central business district of the town, but resist attempts by Mares' Co forces to retake other areas over six times. The furthest they had reached into the neighborhood was the hedge behind the CAVE Comedy Club just to the Western end of the area, and have since been forced back.

This is partly due to an audacious defense, but also because Mares' Co forces have been pulling out of the entire locale and moving back to the Don'task neighborhood to refocus on taking the area, following negotiations on March 30th.


Mares' Co forces have also, mercifully, left the Churn 'n' Boil biomass plant to the North of the CBD, allowing regular operations to resume and the potential for an environmental catastrophe to be greatly reduced.

However, evidence has emerged of atrocities amongst the victories.

The armed security team down South by the shore of the Black Lake report that ponies trapped inside the Maypole public grounds – home of the town's theater, now destroyed – are currently running low on food, water, and other essentials owing to siege tactics. First aid convoys are being repeatedly refused entry. Nevertheless they remain staunch.

And while Ewe-Crying forces have managed to retake the road Irpinstrasse, after vicious combat which broke the stalemate and captured 80 percent of the street on 23rd March, and pushed Mares' Co security forces out by 28th March, there was little they could do to stop the indiscriminate shelling of those refugees seeking to leave for safer locations.

And now, as Ewe-Crying security push Mares' Co agents back from Buchastrasse nearby, graves are being discovered daily. It has become very clear that enemy forces, frustrated by the lack of progress and severe disorganization, have been resorting to attacking innocent civilians.

Below are a photo of a mass grave, and a photo of bodies left on the streets. All these people were killed by invading forces.


Photos by Maxar, taken from BBC News.

For many, this will be yet another example of what happens when people come together; there will always be others who attempt to drive them apart. The smug mask of virtue – in this case, the mask of fake anti-authoritarianism – is almost as terrifying as the face of wickedness revealed. Revealed on the faces of the dead: the fathers, mothers, children, the elderly; all killed in this phony war based on a vicious lie.

And for many others, this proves the real importance of the need to stick together. And in this current sociopolitical climate, it is vital that we constantly seek others to stick with, in these turbulent times. The facts need to be presented, without bias, so one may judge for themselves and their emotions and thinking are not influenced unfairly.

So, I must ask myself, why frame such a serious issue through the lens of this platform?

Does it not illicit cringe?

Yes, and that is the point.

Look at the links. Look and learn. Look and cringe.

Look on in anger. Look, and let them prove one simple fact:  

It must not be ignored.

And understand that, too, a tyrant who would drive a wedge through people only drives them together with more people, sometimes its own, and they will want to drive it away. And to heal that anger you can too, with kindness. The most practical and self-sacrificing virtue of the lot. Because you are not alone.

And perhaps, these reports can help one process their pain and emotions. For indeed, you cannot fight with kindness if you can't laugh in the face of adversity, laugh at the stupidity of the creature that created it, and laugh with the strength to assess its true proportions and keep fighting together.

And laugh with relief that, perhaps, this travesty is slowly receding, and that we may, even if not for a long while yet, meet again.


Art by Maccoffee on Derpibooru


Update: details have emerged that this may be happening, as the CAVE comedy club was liberated after Mares' Co leader, a Vladimir-breed pony currently calling herself 'Vladdy Maud Pie Tin', was seen leading a charge over the hedge boundary only to be driven back by a stern talking from both her parents and her brother in law's, who then fired off a hastily placed bottle rocket supplied by the Griffish Isles. This has led to them being affectionately nicknamed INLAW Rockets.

Stern cross boundary talks have actually proven surprisingly effective.

Trying to stay relevant, the moniker has been claimed by PM Birdhorse Johnson.

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