Brony Fan VA allegedly sexually harasses child, blames autism by

An MLP Fan Voice Actor using the handle "Jestre DeRama"/@Bugstre (real name Zachary according to his pill bottles) has been accused of activity equating to sexual harassment of a minor on Twitter today, following a series of exchanges with user "Buttons"/@creationsoutofe. In the tweets, it is alleged that Jestre, age 29, "smacked" the buttocks of a then-15-year-old girl attending a convention. When confronted about this behavior, Jestre claims he has "poor judgement" due to being "bad at social cues from being on the autism spectrum".

The exchange is chronicled below.

All of this is was revealed after the creator of Lovestruck Derpy and Discorded Whooves announced they were creating a comic featuring a child-adult relationship. Jestre and Jitterbug Jive are collaborators who have done convention appearances together in the past, according to the Trotcon website.

Jestre has voiced Doctor Whooves on several fan projects in the past, according to his resume.

The responses from Jestre indicate that the incident did take place. He then proceeds to post photos of his prescription medication as evidence of his mental illnesses. Twitter users refused to accept these as an excuse for his actions.

Jestre apologized, saying "Sorry I regret not knowing the implications for back the when I thought they were a close friend." 

Horse News has solicited a response from Jestre on the matter and are awaiting a reply.


Comments (10)

  1. It's people like Jestre that REALLY piss me off, besides the fact you leave a REALLY bad mark on people with autism, here's the truth about you: you're not a pedophile because of being autistic. He’s a pedophile because, besides being sexually attracted to children/minors, you’re a low life piece of shit who finds it easier and thinks it's totally OK to take advantage of young girls rather than communicating with a woman. Why? Not because of your autism. It’s because rather than dealing with your issues like a man and getting help, you play the victim card like a little 6 year old boy (something so many pedophile bronies do). You don’t want to face his demons. You don’t want to put in the work it takes to live a productive normal life. The extra work people with autism have to put in. Mental illness doesn’t prevent you from being a good, productive member of society. Being a lazy, immature bum like this, afraid to deal with your problems, is what makes a worthless loser among our society, like all the other pedo bronies caught last year like ToonKritic, Performance Major, Dusky Novel, Frozen Dusk, Angel Heart, Andri Dash, and Lyric Lffart, and the recently caught FusionW.

    And he's working on an obscene comic story too? No doubt it'll satisfy all three prongs of the Miller test, if it ever gets released, appealing to prurient interests, offensively depicting minors/children engaged in sexual acts, sexual abuse on minors/children from adults, and lacking in any serious bona fide artistic, literary, political, medical, scientific, educational, religious, governmental, or judicial values. Can't wait to hear what police will find on his computers...

    1. Either way, it's safe to say his career's fucking dead and I hope he ends up behind bars.

    2. dun forget headlong equestria and draco knightblaze

    3. I know about Draco, fuck him too, but what did Headlong Equestria do?

  2. He also tried saying I blocked him when I had evidence to the contrary and when he couldn't prove it he said I was gas lighting him lmao

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  5. >Excusing doing illegal shit with being autistic

    Fuck off, I'm autistic and even I know when jailbait is jailbait. NEVER try to fuck underaged girls. It's trouble waiting to happen, if not now, then way down the line.

  6. i will always be your fan jestre u my fave derpy

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