Filly Astray - An Anonfilly Game Not Meant for Filthy Casuals

In the history of the fandom we've seen many video game projects. Some have been killed by Hasbro (RIP PonyKart) before ever seeing the light of day, and some have actually made it all the way to completion and hold a mythical status in the community (like such wholesome games as Banned From Equestria Daily). What may surprise some is to see promising new projects actually showing progress, this late into the history of the show. Meet "Filly Astray", a side-scrolling platformer fan-game that just released a playable 1 level demo this week.

More surprising than this game actually being worked on, is the fact that it's actually fucking awesome. Probably more awesome if you're not a filthy casual when it comes to gaming like myself.

Let's take a look at it.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of "Anonfilly", for as long as there has been an /mlp/, there have been greentext stories about "Anon" being dropped into Equestria. In some forms of this story, Anon remains the faceless green-skinned human we know and are, and in others he assumes the body of pony. This game explores the latter, with you awakening in a dark sewer, shocked to discover you're a horse.

In the sewers you'll find all the classic Sega Genesis-era fare: nasty water, slime monsters, ponies with tentacles, and of course a boss room with a boss that is much easier to beat when you realize that pressing Z will actually help you block attacks (I missed this frame on the first run-through).

If you make it past the boss you'll find a charming little town where the adventure will continue....someday.
This game kicked my ass to hell and back. My inner /b/tard desperately suppressed the urge to ask the developers "IS THIS BATTLETOADS"?

But, again, I am a filthy casual who sucks at playing video games.
Maybe I'll get gud if I use a controller (which is also supported!)

Spacebar / X = Jump
Left Mouse / Z = Defend
Right Mouse / C = Attack

Here's the announcement details from the derpibooru post.

Hey everyone!
I’m pleased to announce the public teaser for an upcoming pony game made by @bitassembly, @sugarmorning, and me!
The game’s a retro sidescroller action game, made in a pixelart style, where you become anonfilly, wake up in the sewers, and search a way back home.
You can check us out here.
BitAssembly (Programming and animations)
BizarreSong (Sound and design)
SugarMorning (Concept and Promotional Art)
Patreon if you wanna support the game and get your OC in as a cameo! More perks to come soon.
Click here.
Official BitAssembly discord, come join to see some more juicy teasers.
Click here.

We look forward to seeing more of this in the future.

Comments (11)

  1. If this project makes it to completion, /r/ing lewd easter eggs

  2. Ponies with tentacles, that doesn't sound good...

  3. Ponykart wasn't killed by Hasbro. Instead, it was cancelled by the development team because the project lead (hoppip) got a job, among other things. The source code was available for grabs for some time, meaning that anyone with some experience in C# could have just downloaded it and continue development, but nobody did. Not sure if the source code is still out there available to the public. I looked at it years ago, but I had projects of my own to work on.

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  5. this game is so great! I very ike it thank you for sharing!



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