The Ride just hit a bump, but it never truly ends.

Well, the cat's out of the bag. Earlier today we received information from a certain Japanese Yakisoba cooking forum, whose users dove into treasure trove cove and pulled out a heap of information.

Here's what we know so far based on all the information that's spreading around like wildfire all over the internet, which at this time is too spread out to be contained at this point, that even Equestria Daily saw fit to make an article about it. Keep in mind, things can change from here on out! These may not be their final forms.

G4 is supposedly coming to an end.
We had hints of it back in 2013, but with 2019 at the time so far away, no one really took this claim seriously. Well, the way things look from this leak, it would appear that statement has remained true. However, this does NOT mean the ride is ending, but it does appear that Season 9 is the final one.

Plans are being made for Generation 5.
What this entails are new designs and possible, radical changes to all the ponies. These, however, are concept art and subject to change. Who knows what they'll really do?
Concept art for G5 ponies?

Proposed timeline: This is what we might have in store.

If this is true and correct, Season 9 does appear to be the final one. This is it, before we start delving into Generation 5 stuff. So far the reactions have been a mixed bag.

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Let's compile the

-Spike Gets Wings
-Sombra Returns
-Grogar Appearance
-There Will be Chrysalis
-Friendship School
-Dragon Prince
-New Intro
-Seaponies Canon
-Elements of Harmony Break
-Holiday Episodes
-Reboot after Season 9
-MLP Movie 2 Serves as Reboot, will be CGI
-New races in G5
-EQG Resort Episode
-EQG Cruise

Comments (62)

  1. If season 9 + 2nd movie + holiday special is REALLY the end, I will be happy. This show needs to end while it is still good.

    And Spike better bang Rarity.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Spike already tapped that white pony plump pussy ages ago. :^D

    3. >still good
      >implying it hasn't been trash, especially with the SJW shit with the new season

  2. Can anyone link me the episodes or the discussion on 4chan??

  3. Ajit Pai's Tikka Masala Dong16 December 2017 at 22:23

    I can dig it. What this looks like is they're taking what they learned from the movie process and moving from antiquated Flash to Toonboom. Gradients, highlights, soft shadows.

    M6 having more body diversity is an interesting turn, hopefully AJ doesn't end up being an annoying shit like Scrappy Doo. I got bets that Pinkie is the blissfully ignorant fat one.

    The concept also looks aged up, like they're moving from youngsters to teenagers.

    G4 has had a nice run, end it on a good note. Don't let it be One Piece or Spongebob. YOU NEVER GO FULL SPONGEBOB.

    1. To be fair, One Piece is still a good manga even after all those years, the only reason the anime has gone downhill is because of Toei's scummy practices.

  4. Hasbro is going highway to hell!

  5. Who says it's a complete reboot? That would be a stupid,because g 4 is doing so well that they'd want to continue the story right?

    Will the fans still do their thing and the cons Is what we need to know.
    Will the same writers and va team remain.

    And the big question, will horse news still continue.

    When the cons come, I'll still be going, I know that much. The cartoon is not as important as the friends you make through it. Don't let the reboot, if it is a full reboot to g5, not just a revamp to g4 part 2, make you say oh well I have to stop now.

    So will horse news continue, rhetoric?

    1. Silly Anon, the ride never ends!
      ~Super Trampoline

    2. I would hope the writers from G4 would write for G5. If they put the same love and detail into it that they've been doing it should be a hit. My major concern is all the world building that has taken place. There has been so much of it, and it's just gonna go byebye. Hopefully the reboot will be a soft one. Same world just re-imagined slightly.

    3. With it being two years out, we're taking more of a wait-and-see approach (as if we really had a choice). If Generation 5 turns out to be pretty good, then I see no reason why we would leave. Here's hoping they learned Lauren's key lesson: just because a show is made for little girls, doesn't mean it has so dumbed down like G3 was.

    4. I'm very sad and concerned. Fortunately, though, I might be able to enjoy the show. My biggest concern is how the story goes. If Twilight isn't powerful, or even have a little magic or a horn, then she couldn't be princess, right? Who's the main pony in the Mane 6? Will Spike be a bigger character? I have many questions. The reason I am sad about the reboot is because the storyline will be pretty different and AJ isn't the type for a villain. A name change, though? New cutie marks and styles for everyone? Does anyone else believe this isn't the best idea for a complete reboot of the show? I think it should just end and stay at the end. I also hate how Fluttershy will be a unicorn. It's so unlike her. I hope she isn't super strong and outgoing. That's just not.. right.

    5. If they want to tell new stories then spin off, don't reboot....... also don't change the art style, that has never worked in the past........ American Dragon Jake Long anyone?

  6. Meghan McCarthy screwed Lauren Faust because she's racist and a sexist writer and made reference of 9/11 in S4 premiere and finale and the 2017 movie and she's a disgrace of the MLP universe and she need to be FIRED!

  7. The original G1-G3.5 slowly sank into sugar coated gibberish that no one wanted to watch. It was reborn into G4 that achieved an audience diversity that Hasbro could only have dreamed of. Now, they're going to try sugarcoat G4 into this G5 nightmare. Some changes, maybe, but don't get stupid. Let's not start changing backstories, species and genders. If you're that serious about a G5, why not make it about their kids as the next generation? This leaves the G4 characters as is and allows a new direction without trashing the past.

  8. The entire fandom is literally killing themselves over fucking nothing. G5 will be good, trust me. If G4 worked, they won't want to use a concept that doesn't work for the next generation. G5 will be like G4, but somewhat different. Stop fucking dying over this.

    1. G5 will be shit because it's being creatively managed by a former mid-level Hasbro accountant, it doesn't have the seed of goodness that G4 had from s1 and s2 prior to corporate meddling, and it will consequently have ten times more of the downsides of Glimmer insertion and EQG

    2. People said that Alicorn Twilight was a good idea, and to wait and see how it turned out. It ended up being just as shit an idea in practice as it looked in theory, and it only got worse from then on.

      I have absolutely no reason to trust that G5 will be good, and the decline of MLP over time to point to as reasons to think it'll be really bad.

  9. It's for the best that we know the show will have a clear ending. I'll take that over something like Spongebob or the Simpsons where it keeps fucking running long after everything good and enjoyable has been sucked out of the show.

    My hope for G5 is that is that they don't forget the things that make/made G4 so great. Hopefully they can build a solid foundation for lore, keep the characters distinct and interesting, and don't devolve it into that brainless overly-cutesy shit that we're all worried about. Keeping the Mane 6 for G5 only makes sense if they are actually keeping their same core personality traits. Completely changing their personality but keeping the old names and basic looks is insanely retarded. I fucking swear, if they turn AJ in to a nigger midget...

    1. "My hope for G5 is that is that they don't forget the things that make/made G4 so great"

      If you have been paying attentio to the show you would have already noticed they already forgot about each and every thing that made FiM good.
      No more equive movement, no more equine-like household items, tools or artifacts, everyone is always hit with the Idiot Ball to make the bland and souless episodes possible, everyone walk and moves like humans, the world is now full of modern, human-like tools, artifacts and electronics, etc.

      The show has been living off it's past sucess for years. Now imagine THIS careless, incompetent team trying to create a new series all on their own and really believing they can make something good when they even couldn't even keep a premade series's quality from dropping and going to hell.

      It will be a massive monument to failure caused by uncontroled egos, unwarranted self importance and skill delusions, mark my words.

  10. So, being unsatisfied with the leak summaries, I did my own digging. Here's some new info I found in the leaked emails (everything should be considered to be in the brainstorming stage of development):
    The second movie (2020) will be a prequel to G5, NOT a finale for FiM. It will be 3d-rendered CGI.
    Rumors about G5 being CGI are incorrect. In will be 2d animated.
    Say goodbye to Equestria! The pony world will now be split into one world per race. The Pegasi keep Cloudsdale, and the Earth Ponies keep Ponyville, but the unicorns now are based in the Everfree Forrest. It's unclear whether these are actual dimensions or whether they are more like neighborhoods. There may also be a central hub zone. There is an idea to start off doing the first three seasons one per zone.
    The Mane _ (exact number undecided) no longer play the roles of mild-mannered private citizens. Rather, they will be something like champions of their races. Or at least they will be popular.
    Less ambiguity. The showrunners say they want a 'Star Wars style' good vs evil conflict to carry the story.
    Our heroes will be united for the purpose of combating this evil, which will be too powerful for any one race to tackle.
    Of course, the new generation will also have a new art style. The goal is to match contemporary cartoons. Examples given: Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Ducktales.
    G5 will start with a plan for five years of production.
    Possibility of magic being somewhat less common, with an individual's magic being partially determined by their personality.
    One other thing which I've been surprised to see no mention of: the leak includes the legendary Show Bible. Exciting! For dessert, have some RD style exploration concept art:

    1. makes sense why they changed Fluttershy to a unicorn now, since they're based in the forest! I can't imagine rarity living in the forest, though. You think they'd turn her into an earth pony and keep twilight a unicorn, because at least rarity can still sew. Twilight doesn't really have much going for her as a character if her magic is taken away.

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  12. im just sad it seems their getting rid of starlight glimmer entirely. she's my and many other's favorite character =(

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  16. I'm all for an applejack change, while I like her as a farm girl since it brings home and embodies what earth ponies can do, I am also okay with seeing the rugged version of her. HOWEVER! My fear is that they take it too far and turn her into another Sunset Shimmer/Starlight Glimmer, because lets face it they ARE essentially the same character! They're both ruthless then turn into pandering pansies for the sake of trying to fix it and if they're going to change applejack, they should do it right.

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  18. <--- my reaction

  19. OMG Fluttershy is finally going to be a unicorn my dreams are coming true


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  33. They are so adorable and who doesn't love unicorns. Kids just love them.

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