PinkiePieSwear scrubs channel - Flutterwonder is gone

At the dawn of the pony fandom, there were a handful of songs that were almost universally regarded as some of the best music that the Brony fandom ever produced. Among them, were the likes of Sunshine and Celery Stalks, and Flutterwonder by the artist known as PinkiePieSwear. For over half a decade, these songs and many others have stood as wonderful bits of nostalgia for the old days of the fandom, and a goalpost of the quality of what new pony music should aspire to.

Today, it was discovered by some on /mlp/ that those songs are gone from view. PinkiePieSwear has scrubbed the channel clean of all content.

According to some users, the videos were set to private last week. Others claim they've been since been deleted entirely. The reasons are unknown, some speculate he wants to distance himself from MLP like so many others have done in recent years.

Several archivists have re-uploaded the songs to youtube, but they won't have the original viewcounts or comments from days gone by.

We hope that he returns the videos to live view and that they aren't gone permanently. It would be a shame to lose another piece of our history so close to the end of the ride.

Comments (21)

  1. Well I havent gotten any C&Ds yet, and while I haven't made anything lately, I have no intention on taking anything down.

  2. I know this dude personally. I'll talk to him and see what's up

  3. It's a shame that stuff like that can't be preserved. At least not in a way I'm aware of.

    Anyway, shits not going anywhere. No matter how hard people try to remove their old stuff. People are woefully unaware of the Streisand Effect. Theres no point in trying to wipe the evidence away in cases like these, it will never work.

    1. Thanks for archiving the stuff. You and Deleted Pony Songs/Videos are doing God's work.

  4. You can still get the songs from his bandcamp.

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  6. What I don't get about dudes scrubbing their whole channels is: nobody really gives a shit that you used to make pony content or content for any other fandom... and nobody reasonable will give you shit for it because how you choose to have fun is your business and not hurting anything. If famous artists (unrelated to mlp) can be gamers, anime fans, etc without anyone batting an eye then I can safely say that your old horse music or art won't hurt your career. I'm talking about Robin Williams (gamer and weeb), T-pain (gamer), Kanye West stronger's music video is literally Akira), Quentin Tarantino (weeb), Keanu Reeves (wanted to make Cowboy Bebop movie), RZA (dragonball), Samuel L Jackson (comics and weeb), Chris Brown (super weeb), Snoop Dogg (gamer and a light weeb), Megan Fox (gamer and a super weeb that also reads manga), Daniel Craig (vidya), Henry Cavill (WoW), Tito Ortiz (predictably plays ufc games and cod), etc....

    My point is that there is no reason to feel embarrassed about your old shit or feel that it needs to be eradicated because it's "cringy". Nobody really gives a shit or will give you shit.


  7. I still don't understand why the d00d stopped making cool music for several years now. Does he hate good things now? Did he "grow out" of fun? Became another cog in the boring mature adult machine?

  8. And, speaking of PPS, does anyone have a lossless version of his remix of BBBFF? All I have is an MP3.


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