Houses for >no hooves

So yeah, I haven't been posting for shit lately. But there's a really good reason for that: I'm too damn busy and give too few fucks. But I do give fucks about charity, so here's news about some >no hooves housing fundraising happening soon. Read the Copy Pasta below.

San Diego, California -8 January 2017- Pacific Ponycon will be hosting a charity auction at the convention in order to raise funds for San Diego Habitat for Humanity. We are calling on the generosity of the Brony community to help this great cause. We are looking for donations in the form of toys, art, plushies, or anything else that can be auctioned. Those who are interested can fill out the form: Donations are tax deductible. You can also support the cause by participating in our auction.
If you have any questions, contact For more information about San Diego Habitat for Humanity, please visit

Pacific PonyCon is an event hosted by Order of the Friendship. A second-year convention with multiple show voice actresses, comic book artists, and community guests planned to attend. In addition, the convention will have multiple gaming tournaments, and a multitude of vendors. Follow our social media feeds to stay up to date on all our announcements.

Nolan Alisasis
Vice Head of Programming, Pacific PonyCon
San Diego, CA

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  1. First for horse news being as dead as the fandom.
    Not even the movie can save us, bronies will be a thing of the past and the brony documentary is already be worth less than shit.

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