SDCC 2016 MLP Panel Summary

Another San Diego Comic Con panel has come and gone, and though Horse News was not able to be there ourselves, we can give you a summary of the information of the panel. As you can tell by the header, many found it to be a let down. Find it after the jump.

Much of the information that we received from the two clips shown: one from the the episode "Stranger than Fan Fiction" which airs July 30th, and the other from Legends of the Everfree, the new Equestria Girls film. Both can be seen below.

Other than these two trailers, no other MLP related animation was shown. This was a break of tradition, as every SDCC panel since 2012 has had some sort of animatic. More over, the highly rumored Guardians of Harmony spinoff that has been floating around was not confirmed, as Meghan was confirmed to be working on a preschool program called "Hana Zuki." Worryingly, no S7 was announced either.

 >no hooves

It wasn't all a rehash, though. Some key points from the panel included:
- Haber was the writer of the S6 finale
- Twilight map episode with the Wonderbolts
- Spike song in "The Times Are A Changeling"
- More talk of Celestia getting an episode, and teasing about Sunset Shimmer coming back to Equestria

What little new information we received from this panel primarily came from two comments about the 2017 film. There will be a "Queen of the Hippos," and Sia will be voicing a character named Songbird Serenade. Whether or not Sia's character is the Queen of the Hippos remains to be seen.
Porn when?
Many of the questions asked at the panel were answered only with vague "maybes" or even subtle mockery of those who asked. Maybe that's to be expected when someone asks about Five Nights At Freddy's easter eggs (yes, that really happened.) In general, it is an oddity for something as important as San Diego Comic Con to provide us with such a small amount of information. Currently the next pony related thing at the convention will be the IDW panel that is on Sunday. Hopefully, that panel will be a bit more interesting.

At the time of writing, Chelis could be seen hyperventilating into a paper bag

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  1. Well, Fnaf easter eggs would be references more relevant to the main intended age group than the Mad Men or Big Lebowski references...

  2. >Buildup: 2 season long Equestria Games arc
    >Payoff: Spike episode

    >Buildup: Lone changeling in Slice of Life, plus cameos ala og Derpy throughout Season 6
    >(Potential) payoff: Spike episode

    Well shit. inb4 Times a Changeling is also written by Polsky

    Well shit.

  3. Please Hasbro please stop making EQG movies... I can't take it anymore...

  4. > IDW panel

    > interesting


    1. I'm interested to see how much more they'll pander to Tumblr before they realize Tumblr doesn't buy comics.

    2. They actually had the panel earlier today and pretty much nothing of value came from it except an aside about a Discord origin story. One wonders who at IDW "satisfied" enough Hasbro execs to get permission to do that.

  5. Horse News was at SDCC to host a panel but not to attend the only panel about the show? excellent allocation of obese mexican resources there you fucking twats

  6. Yeah, unless non-EQG Pony toys pick up, there's no incentive to continue a declining property that's already run for six seasons. Unless there is a turnaround in the numbers, there's no reason to produce a seventh season. They have the new EQG movie in October. Then Guardians of Harmony (don't be surprised if *that* gets spun off into it's own franchise), then the MLP Movie in 2017. That's quite an investment layout, there.

    I wouldn't expect any news about S7 being produced until *next* SDCC, if at all. It's just the way this business works.

    1. Time to rally the autists to sally forth and buy tacky plastic horse toys.

  7. There won't be Season 7, and Season 6 is the final season and they have confirmed at Comic-Con.

    1. Sauce pls

    2. @Anon 13:47
      You and many many others are in denial. You must realize that by this point in every previous season (except maybe S1; I don't remember) we had already gotten confirmation of the next season, and as mentioned in this article, *EVERY* SDCC panel since 2012 has included an animatic until this year.

      "But Michelle Creber said they're recording songs for S7!"
      I'm sure there's *something* coming up, be it a GoH spinoff or whatever, but the singers/VAs don't keep track of exactly which episode/season they're recording for. I can almost guarantee S6 is the final season. I'd bet, like, $5 on it (high roller I know).

      When it comes to TV shows being renewed the burden of proof is on those claiming that there WILL be another season, meaning the network or creators of the show must confirm a new season. You can never assume that a new season is being made and ask others to prove it's not. This applies to ALL TV, not just MLP. So again: I'd bet S6 is the end of FiM as we know it. There is nothing hinting at a new season being made except Creber's offhand remark which could be just about anything.

      I'd love to be proven wrong of course, and lose my $5 bet.

  8. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !