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Things are pretty dull around here lately. It seems like nobody has really noticed though. Most of the news is pretty small potatoes anymore. "Oh there's a new episode synopsis"..."oh there's a new preview clip"...Whoop-de-friggin-do. What really is keeping us motivated is the upcoming convention season. 

BUCK is playing their last encore this weekend, and we'll be sending a couple guys to document it. If you're in the UK, you should go toast the end of an era.

Next weekend - the 15th-17th - Midwest Media Expo will be returning, but this time in Dearborn just outside of our Detroit HQ - you can expect some pony shit going down there.

BABScon is coming up this month too from the 22nd to the 24th. That'll have some cool people, and also Chelis. Lauren "Mama" Faust will be there (too bad Hell would have to freeze over for us to talk to her) and so will Jeremy "Dragontown" Whitley so there will be some fun contrast to look forward to. Our friend Catie Wayne is going, and she's now a Voice Actress for Disney so be sure to ask her about that.

I myself will of course not be attending any of those, as the Pacific Ocean is a big thing and even I can't swim that far that fast.

I did however attend "AnimeJapan" 2 weekends ago, one of the largest Anime conventions on the planet, right in Tokyo.

Let's take a look at those pics because why the fuck not.
Cygames was there. They're making THIS now.

First and foremost I'd like to say; 120 thousand anime fans gathered in one place does NOT disappoint when it comes to that all-important "What The Fuck" factor.

AnimeJapan is, unlike many US convention, actually operated by a number of the Anime studios themselves, making it more of a tradeshow than a fan event. This has the advantage of having shitloads of free stuff, but the disadvantage of having almost nothing actually for sale. Except, of course, for anime sex pillows. Behold, the proud Dakimakura Dealer.

The place was absolutely packed, and yet it didn't reek of B.O. or obnoxious noise levels.

Almost the only cosplay was done on the part of people being paid to be there. Which

I have a feeling those aren't their real hair colors.

Even here, in Tokyo, it is impossible to escape someone in a rainbow unicorn hoodie.

I've been informed that this is a dude. Go figure.

I have no idea what this booth was, and I walked through it. Something to do with monsters, suits of armor, and vacant-expression women in these outfits.

A trip to Tokyo wouldn't be complete without a 40 foot pikachu ass floating overhead.

Yeah hand it over bitch.

The Powerpuff Girls are pretty popular it seems. Wonder if Craig McCracken gets any of this money.

Cute girls riding motorcycles.

Noisiest part of the whole trip - some JPOP concert in progress - some band called I*Ris

Yeah those ones.

I think Japan is trying to break into the Walmart Christmas Lawn ornament market.

Not pictured: All the anime boobs. Everywhere.


So after a while I had to get out of there and ended up in the mecca of weebs everywhere - Akihabara.

Luckily I'm not one. Or else I would have spent a SHITLOAD of money.

So. Much. Porn.

Yeah. You squeeze and twist her boob to get your toy. And it's painful. She's in tears.

Goddd damn Japan.
After a couple hours of wading through gratitutous amounts of anime lewd, I decided I needed to find something less sexual.

A pair of brown balls covered in fuzz and white goo to put in my mouth? That's better.

The whole time I was there, I didn't see a single Godzilla attack, not ONE robot fight, no life-or-death card games, hell I couldn't even find a decent ramen shop or special Kit Kat bars (or vending machines selling women's panties).

The whole country was clearly a mess, so I asked to see their manager.

Shortly after attempting to enter the Emperor's palace I had to leave the country.

Probably for the best...considering I don't fit in it.

There you have it, some random convention coverage to kick off a month of pony cons. To everyone going to BABScon this year: party hard for me, and don't let anyone near the entertainment if they have a debit card in their hand.

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  1. A BABSCon without Capper. It's a goddamn tragedy is what it is. You BETTER be here for BABS 2017, mate! ;-) (Oh, and FIRST! HAHAHAHAHA!)

  2. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !












  3. More like LoliCON

  4. Blackgryph0n would be right at home, here.

    Still, I think it's official. Horse-News has become disinterested in MLP. Rebrand Horse News. It's not Horse News anymore, you faggots. MLP is dead.

  5. Can't really blame hn doe fam. TBH the entire fandom is slowing down, and alot less interesting drama is going on. Maybe the ride never ends, but it sure as shit slows down.

  6. You know the fandom is as boring as minecraft when the site goes off-topic.

  7. >Love Live x Powerpuff Girls Z
    WHY IS THIS A THING?! How does this even work?

  8. Aw boo hoo
    Poor channers cant find drama/shit that nobody cares about to overraeact to for his clickbait website
    Good thing,that's mean you channers are finally going to leave us normal people

  9. The fuck are you talking about? There is a massive shit storm appearing over the horizon on /mlp/ and to a lesser extent /trash/

  10. Me ubiera encantador ver un STAND de my lytle pony, por que las nuevas power puff no me agradaron