New /mlp/ Logo Decisions Enter Their Second Day

After close to 24 hours of deliberation following the 2015 4chan Summer Cup Final, /mlp/ continues to debate over how/where to put the star on their logo. Many new elements, as well as re-imaginings and ebin meems have been brought to the table, but manager Pony Me Bro has finally posted a poll that will hopefully end the debates. This marks the second elite cup in a row where the Champion Board was unable to quickly & effectively mark where to put a star on their logo. /mu/, /wg/, /sp/, you guys got yer act together. Find PMB's post after the break!

Comments (5)

  1. >/mlp/ Elite Logo Design, "Wah my design wasn't included" Edition
    >Your complaint has been sent and will receive due consideration.


  2. Voted. I kinda went with the flat book horse star. Keeps a board theme to the star and the flat fits better with the rest of the design. Would also be easier to use in other applications.

    Besides, we'll need a redesign after the Winter Cup anyway :^)

  3. none of the middle designs look good

  4. Make the logo big! Make the logo bigger!