FIMFiction Sob Story Volume 187,820

A quick screenshot of the blog and writer in question as of August 18th, 2015.

Today isn't unusual at all for FIMFiction's writers and readers, especially with a certain blog of writer HMXTaylorLee, a "film and gaming enthusiast serving in the military."

A long-winded report of how miserable their twenty five years of existence was vividly painted out for both parties of 82 followers, and subsequently, the rest of FIMFiction to see.
This post is going to describe a number of disturbing topics that will inevitably change how you might feel about me, but as I look ahead to what remains of my future, I suppose it doesn't matter.
And exactly that it did. Woes of a long and hard-fought childhood are caked on from the get-go and continue into where he was stationed and what he accomplished as a soldier. But things take a turn when the mention of drugs is throw into the mix, and we see a downward spiral into something akin to the end of the line.

After nearly killing himself from a fall, or so he tells us, he gleaned a little detail that would spark an uproar within writer circlejerks and the comments section of the blog. According to a source, a number of Skype groups are still in heated discussion about these two sentences.
You know what they found on my laptop? From over two years ago, forgotten, the child pornography.
And there you have it: the ember that set a world on fire. While most of the commentators took to his side, FIMFiction's "the parasprite" had something to say to one of his defenders.
I disagree with you. He definitely deserved hard time. This isn't a matter of me not understanding your point; it's a matter of me disagreeing with you. You see, I believe that people who go out of their way to look up pictures of real life children being sexually victimized because they find these pictures arousing are loathsome cunts. They exploit the horrors faced by living beings in just about the same way that many leading German industrialists profited off the free labor available through Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. In the United States, where both I and HMXTaylorLee reside, fictional loli porn is completely legal. HMXTaylorLee could have had as much of it as he wanted, but he didn't want cartoon porn; he wanted pictures of real children being raped. He wanted real "naive misery" on their faces. This means he went out of his way to find illegal porn, download it, jerk off to it, and then for some reason keep it on his computer for ages (assuming that tiny little part he sort of sneaked in isn't an incredible twisting of the truth like some of the other stuff).
Again, and to reiterate something you have not addressed:
The fruit of an illegal act is inherently illegal.
This is why he is going to jail. He is going to jail for a long time, probably, because there was a lot more than "just a few" pictures on his computer. It's likely that he had a huge collection of CP, as most pedophiles end up doing after years and years.
Also, on a more personal note, I just fucking hate pedophiles, for obvious reasons if you've read my posts below.
Bold text doesn't lie.

While most would have stopped reading right there and start batting out caustic replies to add to the cesspool of hate this person is already receiving, reading on shows us that they indeed understand that they've done wrong. So much so that he was ready to face the barrel of his arresting officer's sidearm to escape from it. No better drug than brass and cordite.

Taylor also left a question at the end of the blog that could spark even more tribulation from all around. With a month left to gavel time, the story ends with this:
I still have a month until the trial and my fate is sealed, but honestly I have no hope. God doesn't save stupid people, so why should anyone else pick up the slack?
A coincidence that this person is twenty five as well, there seems to be no connections between the Florida Man and TaylorLee.

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  1. He might as well an hero now and save himself the misery

  2. I too!... I too have a confession to make! Over the years of my miserable life I have accumulated on my computer's hard-drive thousands upon thousands of terabytes of MLP reaction pics.
    Now I have reached a point at which I am facing a life changing dilemma: deleting my furry porn folder or refraining from downloading more of those sweet and dank MLP memes, which I clearly cannot.
    In exactly month's time I will run out of those precious terrabytes and will have to face the truth. I cannot even bring myself to imagine what will happen then.
    I've tried getting professional help, but they couldn't help me, as they "do not stock PATA drives anymore". Their only advise was to defrag. But defragging only gets you so far...
    So pray for me, my friends, even though the fate of my furry porn folder is as good as sealed. God doesn't save furry porn, so why should anyone else?

  3. I knew a few guys who would be intrigued in CP specifically because it's so illegal, but after a quick taste would realise it's not their thing and move on. It's perfectly understandable, forbidden fruit and everything. But when you live in a country where paedophilia is purged with such zeal, not shredding those compromising files after you're done is clearly a sign of being too dumb to live. Especially since he is supposed to be a tech guy. I feel sorry for the poor soul, but his 10-year sentence is his own fault.

  4. People... Defend this guy?
    Don't get me wrong, I understand that not being able to follow your fancy can be hard (and the life of a non-indulgent pedophile must be really rough) but if you have child porn just hanging out on your computer on top of illicit drug use and presumably other illegal behaviors...
    You can't be surprised someone's going to jail. Dude earned it. Show compassion for the guy by urging him to cut that shit out and try to do something constructive while in prison.

  5. "German industrialists profited off the free labor available through Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust"

    It's always about the Nazis and the HOLOHOAX. Instead of how the jews have fucked up the world.

  6. gosh I wonder why so many bronies turn out to be pedophiles

    what a mystery

    1. Damn. I thought we were zoophiles

    2. Why not both? And a necro too? I like to fuck dead badger cubs!

    3. Well the majority in the fandom consists of white guys no denying that. And there a stats that show among pedophiles, white males make up a huge chunk as pedos.

    4. Yes, but the statistics also say that it is mostly men who are pedos. There are no men in the brony fandom. Only manchildren.

  7. are you implying something?

  8. It's stories like this that make me happy I get out of bed some days.

    I think he's going to be REALLY popular.

  9. For all my fellow anons, I highly recommend reading the full comments section of the blog. If it's drama you come here for, those comments are a goldmine.

  10. Hey I recognize that guy's avatar, where have I seen it before? Oh, I read one of his stories. Which one? Oh, the Scootabelle shipfic. That one that I thought was really cute depiction of childhood romance.

    I wonder where the inspiration for that was drawn from

    1. Depends. Do they fuck at the end?

    2. "Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo gripped each other's hooves, exchanging one last enchanted look with one another"

      "With perfect synchronization, they took a deep breath and cried together"

      What do you think?

  11. If neocons can immediately throw soldiers under the bus for not blindly supporting their shit, I think it's okay for the rest of us to turn on the troops when one of them WILLINGLY ADMITS TO HAVING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, then blames supposedly being molested and pinkie swears he doesn't find children hot anymore.

  12. Looking through his stories and..."Blooming Backwards" (onto his dick, no doubt) has a chapter called "Too Much, Too Young".

    Holy fucking shit.

  13. Two words. AN HERO.

  14. Dude should have stayed quiet and not given the feds shit. Granted he probably would still be going to jail because, well, kiddy porn on your laptop doesn't look good no matter how you try to spin it to a jury; but at least have the spine to not assist in the investigation unless they offer you a goddamned deal.

    If there's even an iota of truth to his story, which you never really know for sure, he's all but signed his guilty plea by making that blog post. Reads like a suicide note though, so he probably offed himself not long after posting. Fuck, with the future he laid out in that post I'd prolly kill myself to.

    Not really any pity for him though, other than the pity that comes from hearing about how someone threw away their life by being stupid.