Meet Mark

Mark is a simple man. He likes ponies, shakes, and burgers. And he's fucking awesome. In honor of this spectacular human being, we'd like to name him the official Horse News Happy Black Man of the year. Congratulations, Mark.

Why you so cool Mark? You're cool as fuck.

If you would like to be next year's **Happy Black Man of the year, talk to Mark and ask him why he's so fucking excellent.

Or give Rarifag some food, either way.

**All those seeking for award must in fact be black. You also must be cool as shit, Horse News is not responsible for all the pussy you will be drowning in soon.

Comments (9)

  1. If I tattoo every single centimeter of my body so I am black and say I am actually transethnically black, can I enter for next year?

    1. Of course! Didn't you hear? If you believe something really hard, it becomes reality, and everybody else has to accept it!

  2. Congratulations.

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  4. I only know one black guy who actually watches the show. He's a pretty cool guy but he's also a dashfag so there's that.