"The Trans Pacific Partnership and how it puts our precious Pony Porn at risk." - Letter to the Editor

The following is an unedited letter sent to the Horse News staff, from a reader named J. The views and information provided are not necessarily those of Horse News, or anyone else, or even necessarily true. 

"The Trans Pacific Partnership and how it puts our precious Pony Porn at risk." 
If you don't wan't to read this wall of text, read this:
http://economixcomix.com/home/tpp/Both, would be better.
I don't know if you've heard about this, but over the past few years there has been a bill in the works called the TPP. The TPP is supposed to allow easy trade between the signing countries, and it does.

However, the TPP also does a lot more. Part of the TPP requires that all participating countries share the same minimum, universal, copyright law so that one country won't 'be at a disadvantage' to any other. This includes content on the internet.
In fact, the copyright law that is going to be put in place was written by many of the same legislators that wrote SOPA and PIPA, and will allow for the exact same abuses of power in order to 'protect copyright'. ISP's and websites could be held responsible for the copyright infringements of their users and even something like copying a DVD to your hard drive/thumb drive could count as copyright infringement.
In fact, the 'fair use' clause that man fan-artists/parody makers/derivative works are protected under is in danger of being abolished if the TPP passes.
This means that Hasbro could go after fan art, fanfictions, and even Pony Porn.
 Furthermore, companies will be able to issue patents on useless derivative works and even organisms.
One large source of criticism towards the TPP is that the Obama Administration and Cooperate representatives have been allowed easy access to the negotiations but members of Congress have had difficulty getting into them. The talks are almost completely secret, if not for the occasional leak due to WikiLeaks or someone from congress getting it.
Despite the fact that Net Neutrality was put into effect earlier this year, the TPP would override it.
Until a couple days ago, the US was the main roadblock in the way of the TPP, the concerns raised were preventing the Obama Administration from finishing negotiations. To try and get through this roadblock, the Obama Administration proposed two bills: The TPA and TAA.
The TPA allows the Obama administration to complete the negotiations for the TPP however they want, as soon as possible, without any restrictions.
The TAA was supposed to provide relief to Americans who lose jobs due to being outsourced to poorer countries.
Obama signed both bills.
The Democratic part of congress voted against the TAA to try and stop the TPA from passing with the assertion that, if he TPA does pass, the TAA will be considered again.
The TPA barely passed, meaning it is now in effect and negotiations can continue.

Canada has also expressed interest in joining the TPP, but it does not want to give up its own copyright laws. The concern is that it is going to have it's arm twisted in order to join the TPP.

Once the negotiations are finalized, the complete agreement will be released publicly and congress will have 60 days to read, interpret, and vote on it.
It's very likely that the supporters of TPP will make the bill as confusing as possible and try and get it voted on as soon as possible.
I encourage you to read up on this, tell others about it, and email your representatives, post it on the site, whatever. We cannot let net neutrality be stamped out and lose our porn.
If you decide to post your own article, go ahead, just please don't use my real name.

What do you think? Is J right? Is Obama putting our Lewd Art at risk?

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  1. "Proud member of the Internet defense league" yet you guys don't know shit about TPP

  2. >Is Obama putting our Lewd Art at risk?

    Yes he is.

  3. the tpp is a direct attack on the us and Canadian constitutions as well as does of japan Australia new Zealand and manynothers however given how much influence corporations have on our governments it will pass anyway because the bottom-line is they don't care about the people at all

  4. For a moment I was confusing the TPP with the TTIP/TAFTA

    1. I thought this was about Twitch Plays Pokemon at first

  5. Can we just like, leave the world? Not in a space ship, of course, but it would be real nice if all the sane and rational people left, those who support free speech and don't sexually identify as turkey sandwiches, can we like pool our money together and leave? Maybe we can buy some obscure patch of land in Norway or the Australian Outback.

    It's just, I don't want to live in this new world. We should get out while we still can.

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  8. At the rate shit's going, only an act of God can stop the mad dictator known as Barrack Hussein Obama.