Press Release: Ponyverse Q&A With "Writers in Harmony"

We have a press release from the Poniverse folks after the break!

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A few days ago, we received a press release from Poniverse about a Q&A session they plan to do. Clearly drama had graced us with its presence so it had to wait until it died down. So, without further adieu, press release

Poniverse Presents: Writers In Harmony

From the ponies who brought you Dinky’s Destiny, Poniverse is proud to bring you Writers In Harmony as our second Q&A guest of honor! Writers in Harmony is a production network dedicated to the My Little Pony community. They work to bring the world of pastel colored ponies to life through stories, music, artwork, and more! Join us on July 15, 2015 at 3PM PST at MLP Forums for a three hour Q&A with Writers In Harmony!

Writers in Harmony will be on hand to answer all sorts of questions, including their newest project, Equestria Tales!  Equestria Tales is an exciting upcoming series about Equestria from over 1,000 years ago! What was life like in Equestria before Luna’s transformation into Nightmare Moon? Equestria Tales strives to emphasize powerful morals through animation. Writers In Harmony will explore this and much more in Equestria Tales. Check out the teaser trailer here!

Writers In Harmony are working to bring Equestria Tales to life as a My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic spin-off series. Help bring Equestria Tales to life by signing the petition here!

Writers in Harmony is the second guest of honor in Poniverse’s new series of community Q&A sessions! Each month Poniverse members will have a chance to talk to notable figures in the brony community on MLP Forums.  Be sure to join us on July 15 in the Poniverse Events section of MLP Forums to chat with Writers in Harmony, and keep an eye out for our next Q&A announcement!

Poniverse is a super-community that operates multiple brony fan sites including MLP Forums,,, PoniArcade, and our newest site, PonyRoleplay!  With everything from the biggest pony forum on the internet to a music streaming service, Poniverse offers a little something for everypony all from a single account.  Find out more by visiting us today:

Fun Fact about "Writers in Harmony", it officially means we lost count how many times Slashy has been kicked out of a project. 


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    there human!

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    3. yeah i know Cobalt dude but classics will never die!

  2. fun fact. Slashy has also been kicked from the Bronycon Animation as well. Pikapetey is now directing it.