Equestria Girls: Friendship Games Trailer & Reactions

We expected this, yet just like the previous two movies we are getting more that we bargained for, for the better or for the worst.

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Before the trailer, we need to address the best parts of the trailer beforehand.



Alright, only kidding folks. 

If you're keeping score at home: We had cliche Prom, Rock Band, and now Sports. At this rate: it will be only time before Equestria Girls: Pregnancy Pact will be released for the masses

Reactions to the movie is mixed, with some feeling a bit let down over the human twilight

Others excited for their own reasons.

And some are hoping for some over the top antics that show staff tend to provide


The trailer left more questions than answers. But, there is one question that is on everyones mind right now

Well Anon? Are you ready for not one, not three, but 7+ new waifus?

Comments (22)

  1. I don't think Upper Crust and Suri Polomare count as NEW waifus.

  2. You know I just realized something...where is Sunset's original human version? She was originally the pony version and has been living in the human universe this whole time so...did she kill the other her? Can you do that with out ripping a hole in that dimension? M.A. Larson help me please

    1. https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2013/7/1/362004__equestria+girls_grimdark_meta_sunset+shimmer_caption_ponies+in+real+life_boots_question_grave_murder.png

    2. i love your Kill La kill profile picture

  3. soo uhhhh. . . .is it me or is the one being held up by Trenderhoof actually "Miss Equality" from the season opening because she certainly looks like the human version of her. . . .

    1. I think that's Suri Polomare from Season 4; she doesn't have green in her hair like Starlight and Aria do.

  4. Not as bad as I was expecting, but a bit disappointed that human Twilight is pretty much just... Twilight. I mean yeah it makes sense but come on guys, you could have jazzed it up just a little, y'know?

    Also wish they'd ditch the pop-rock music, that shit's gettin' old (but given the target demographic that's not likely to happen).

    Still, it looks engaging enough that I'll probably watch it. Maybe even pay money to do so.

    - some anonymous douche with an overinflated opinion of himself

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  6. Human Twilight is an introverted shit because she never met the rest of the Mane Six. Pony Twilight did meet them all, and she is a semi functioning social creature. Cool.

  7. Everyone who changed his waifu in general and especially for a character of MLP: 10% Pony 90% Monster High should be killed and have all their rights for a waifu revoked.

    1. Mattel's Monster High is STILL more popular and better than Hasbro's sexist Equestria Girls and they rip-off The Hunger Games and Hasbro will get sued by Liongate.

    2. Sperglord anon, I want to hold you down as a dozen Meghan McCarthy lookalikes rape you to death.

    3. It will Premiere before S5 Finale in the fall.

    4. You have to worry about those Marge Simpson wanna be who goes against you and support David's doodle.

  8. Let's hope EG3 will be the third and final one and no more.

    1. Eh.... I dunno. I could probably see at least one more story where they finally deal with Sunset Shimmer's arc of whether she would stay in the 'human' world or go back home, plus or minus seeing what happened to her 'human' equivilant.

      Then again, I'm one of the few who probably doesn't mind the EqG subseries being canon to the show, seeing it as largely irrelavant to the main show; does Twilight knowing about humans really matter to her solving friendship problems with her map or stopping bad guys?

    2. They had no plans for the forth one, if they do they'll make Flash Sentry a bad guy because the bronies really hate him and no FlashLight shipping it's just wrong.

  9. Predictions for the third movie:
    -fancy opening with one of the best songs in the movie-

    Open to brief establishing shot, before diving into school assembly to establish Friendship game crap. Shortly afterwards, Sunset is getting expositional group shots in CHS of background not-ponies acknowledging her existence, while chatting with humane five about a few more interactions with ponies back in equestria. They ask if she wants to return, she says something sentimental about friendship, group hug/highfive/dawww moment.

    -Shadowbolts/ douchebag prep exposition-
    (possible Cadence/shining Armor cameo)

    School introduction mixer happens, weird crap goes on, Twilight makes a connection with Pinkie. Other mane characters don't notice Twi, just weird crap.

    First event happens fine.(preps are douches, RD loses shit)
    Second one features SciTwi in some sort of disguising uniform, weird crap happens.

    Mane Six get together to chat about plans for next events and discuss weird crap going on in the games. SciTwi busts in, everyone scrambles to hide their proverbial hand. Pinkie and AJ ruin it. They have a spat over SciTwi being from Prepdouche, Scitwi/humane six leave.
    -more weird crap happens to foreshadow magic issues, no characters notice. This possibly sets up some future plot contrivance-

    (Possible third event, with background pony funtimes. More lesbian teasing with Lyra/bonbon. DHX knows what they're doing)

    Shadowbolts have something to do with magic. Either radiant anti/Element crap like what turned Sunset into a demon before, some Nightmare Forces stuff, or they find out SciTwi has magic crap and try to exploit it.
    Some good in at least one other Shadowbolt student is established, or reinforced if it was hinted at earlier.

    From here, there are two possible options:

    A. The Shadowbolts legit go magic-psycho, getting the manesix to pony up, SciTwi uses magic and shit outta control on their behalf, and Manesix, led bySunset and backed up by all of CHS carebear stare the fuck out of them.

    B. SciTwi's magic goes apeshit on its own, and both schools have to friendshop to stop carastrophe. SciTwi and Prepdouche either apologise to manesix or Shadowbolts apologise to SciTwi.

    Twilight Sparklehorse probably comes in to help whatever Deus Ex Machina they pick for marketing purposes, and it will be dumb.

    Either way, Twilight gets her answers, makes friends, and feels deeply uncomfortable about the whole parallel universe thing. She is implied to keep in contact with humane six. Sunset Shimmer is established as New Coke Twilight of the human world, and all of CHS loves her.

    Other possibilities:
    Principalestia will look dumb again but Luna will be kinda cool.
    Fluttershy dies inside when Dogspike doesn't talk.
    Human Lebowski ponies
    Zapapples visually referenced in the background
    Mandatory CMC shenanigans will be somewhat competent
    The fact that Sunset was a FRIGGIN HORSE for most of her life will be referenced by her success/failure in a sport
    Diamond Tiara will mention wanting to go to Douchebag prep
    More Pie Family stuff
    Fluttershy uses the Stare