Random Fan Filler: Hangover edition

...Okay. So I may have over done it last night. Let's just say that a couple shots of whisky and about a dozen Calypso Cokes aren't good for you...anyways since no one makes any fucking content, Fan Filler is back for the third day in a row. Maybe there will be some stuff later on today, but I may as well nip this in the butt. In honor of this monumental collegiate hangover, we have hangover music, hangover cures (drinks) suggested by the readers, and some other crap. But please, keep it down, my head is killing me.

Our random music selection:
The Ballad of Richard Nixon - John Denver 

No, both the video and your computer are working properly. John Denver's The Ballad of Richard Nixon is just ten seconds of silence. This is the only track you'll need for a hang over. You're welcome.

Some Hangover Drinks

Drink more. That helps

The Alton Brown Bloody Mary

Speaking of Alton Brown, you should probably have some really Good Eats filled with salt, fat, carbs, and protein. Well we got your hook up.


And there you go. Some Horse News tips on your hang over. We'd also recommend punching anyone who talks in your general area and puking AWAY from your own bed. Have a lovely day.

Got some fan filler for us? Share it below and Horse News may put it in one of our shitty articles. No guarantee we'll like it, though.

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  1. I'm just pleased that Horse News knows John Denver. :D

  2. Awesome – and thanks a lot!

  3. wow, the snacks look delicious and attractive, thank you for sharing