Siesta Equestria Theft: The Squeakquel

Hey, at least the chipmunks sequel got SOME people to go see it.
Sorry the followup is a day late folks, but I was too busy sitting on my ass and minding my own business on Sunday. But who the fuck wants that, right? On the bright side, waiting a day gave more time for vendors to submit letters and for us to get a more accurate theft total, so head past the more for more horse shit!

Let's start off with the letters! We've got 3 of them, and I'm pretty sure they all wanted to be anonymous... even if some of them didn't write as such, so expect to see blanked out lines. If you want an extra bit of fun, fill the blanks with "spaghetti" or "horse cock" or... whatever.

So I'm a vendor in FE! 2015
I leave a _____ on my booth Friday night and it's gone this morning.
I went to Con Ops they told me they don't see my ______ so they told me to ask the hotel.
The hotel says they don't have it, and one of the hotel guy told me it's probably stolen since it's a  con with people who loves ______.
I thought I was the only victim but later another vendor came to my booth and apparently her _____ was stolen. And, apparently many vendor has lost a stuff or two.
Some people even said all vendor has lost stuff.
There was a list the vendors can write down what they lost and the value of the staff. I saw Cutie Coral's name on it and the lost plushie has the combined value of more than a hundred.
The list was made by another vendor not the con staff.
Later the con staff came to the vendor hall and asked vendors if they have lost stuff.
Anyway I don't know much details but I'm pretty sure you can ask other vendors for more.

My name is _______________ at table __ at Fiesta Equestria.  I can definitely say that this con was a shit show before I even attended.  I have talked to other vendors and even the musicians of the con and they all agree with the same thing... the con staff lacks communication and responsibility.

Prior to the con:
Fiesta Equestria never once contacted the vendors after we sent our Paypal payment to cover the table back in February.  We were all in the dark about anything regarding the convention all the way up until we actually got here on Thursday.  Not one e-mail telling us con hours, giving us a con map, when we are able to enter the room, nothing.  Some of the vendors actually panicked because we thought we weren't part of the con.  By the way, this was the same for the musicians... they were not given one e-mail regarding when they're on stage or if they were even still performing.  Even the Thursday of the con, I asked the con staff about vendor hours and they were not able to give a straight answer.  Best line of the con:

"When is vendor set up closing tonight?"
"... About now"
Glad they told us beforehand  </sarcasm>

During the con:
When I got in on Friday morning, I immediately noticed that my ________ was damaged ($__ retail btw).  After I reported it to the vendor hall head, that's when he mentioned that a couple vendors had stuff stolen.  It prompted me to count my inventory and that's when I discovered my ______ were missing.  I didn't hear much about it afterwards.  When they struck again Saturday, that is when (my now new friends) _____ _____ started on their own investigation, and you know were that went.  At one point (3p - 5p), both doors of the vendor's hall were closed.  There was no more than 8 attendees (and they were attendees that already shopped earlier) in the room at that time. 

To add to the location of our vendor hall, we are in a building detached from the hotel with not a single sign pointing to the vendor's hall.  I doubt half this con knows we're here. 

Unfortunately, this con has me over $700 in the hole with all travel costs (coming from ______) and inventory losses considered and I'm highly doubt I'm getting much of that back tomorrow.  Oh well, I made good friends and I'll just laugh about this down the road.

Hope this information helps and thank you for everything you do.

Please, please keep my name anonymous. Despite the issues I would not want to be unable to work this con in the future.
I am a vendor currently and wanted to add a few things.
I was told by con staff that they were not made aware that the hotel did not lock the back door.
When asked to the hotel said no because the hotel staff needed to use it. *
That the hotel staff unlocked a main door for at least one vendor before the ally coordinator showed up that morning (against the instructions they were given) *
One booth had someone break in to their "goodie/grab bags" and eat candy, leaving the trash at the booth. *
It was the vendor who got yelled at ' s birthday. *
When the vendors who were going around warning people and gathering a list of stolen items they were very professional about the whole situation. I was not under the impression they were explicitly blaming the con for the thefts and they simply wanted to have the backs of the other vendors and to get the process started.
The head of security is also a local police officer. *
The ally coordinator along with a few vendors (ones I know rather well) stayed the night in the ally last night (Saturday night) to keep an eye on things.
The con tried it's best to be accommodating on the above information and had beds braught down, a tv, video games, movies and there was talk of pizza making an event of a "dealer's lock-in"

All things with a (*) next to it are simply things I heared in the ally and not something that I expierenced myself.

So those letters confirmed quite a few rumors I'd been hearing from other vendors. Here are some of the things we missed last time from both the letters and other sources on Twitter:

- The laptop was actually owned by PVL, and it just turned out another media member borrowed it. I'd say our bad but just like the con is blaming the hotel for the theft, I'm gonna blame PVL. :)
- The security staff was actually two off duty cops that constantly kept their guns at their side. Goddamn it Texas.

Our heroes, everyone.
 - The vendor that got yelled at? Yeah, it totally was his birthday, I just didn't include it last time because I thought some of might think it was too cheesy to be true. "What, was he gonna retire the next day too? Pffffft, bullshit."
 - In the vendor's room someone was selling bootleg pony goods, including... mousepads with Drawponies traced prints on them? Yeah, weird choice. To make things weirder, two Drawponies banners were also sold at the charity auction Sunday for around $150. I guess that's one way to get rid off stock...
 - On Saturday night a few vendors and staff stayed over night in the vendor's room, hotel beds and all.

One pair of vendors actually stayed up all Sunday night in the vendor's room taking turns sleeping. That's how little they trusted the con.
- On Sunday closing ceremonies had under 100 people, and that includes all the staff, media, and special guests in the room. While we don't have number totals, we can pretty much promise you that if the con advertises 1000 people this year they're lying through their teeth.
- Instead of only one purse priced at $40 being stolen, the vendors found out 10 were stolen when they checked their bins. That's $400 total, and if we add in $20 for the cash box our new total is $1058. Thanks for hitting new fandom lows, thiefs.
- There were actually multiple people that snuck in Thursday and Friday night, so unless you spot some of the stolen items on Ebay or at a Texas meetup it's gonna be tough to sniff them out. Sure, it could be staff... but it could have also been anyone else that noticed they never locked the doors at night.

Unfortunately while there are funds for the vendors in the talks, no one has really gone through with gathering up money to make up for the thefts. Yes yes, that includes us, we accept that we're a bunch of lazy assholes. However, if one does pop up we'll be sure to let you guys know!

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  1. I went to this con two years ago and had a great time. Missed last year but went this year. Someone definitely used the "Turn to Shit" spell on the whole thing. If they actually bother to try and do it again, it'll probably be at a Motel 6 with only Traceponies trying to dump whatever leftover crap he has left. It absolutely sucks that so many vendors got fucked over.

  2. WOW....fucking Traceponies. I did happen to watch the charity auction there and's one of the 2 asshole's traced wall scrolls I caught at the charity auction. He had a Luna one but the camera person on ponyville live was barely showing it. And best of all they ACKNOWLEDGED it was Traceponies ones

    SERIOUSLY. HE'S STILL DOING TRACED SHIT. What a fucking joke these cnventions have become. I am shocked Grand Brony Gala is taking his ass. THe fact he won a 2nd place as the 2nd best artist at the MLP Fair and still had some traced work sold is a fucking joke. I swear MLP conventions are becoming a joke these days. How the fuck can convention say they get a 1000 people when MLP cons are Bullshiting on #s. I got evidence that FE and numerous cons are inflating #s this year because they are counting 3 days badges as 3 people..

    Prepare everyone because Grand Brony Gala is looking like FE and will be another hell hole with Drawponies is there.

    1. Weird, you'd think Traceponies would've been driven out, and yet he's still being enabled.


      uh you sure
      he was posting sketches of stuff in a not-traced style a few weeks back on tumblr

    3. Ând they look so bad

    4. Funny. DHX traces show assets every day to make the show. Huh. Feel free to ask them if you don't believe that. One would think that's a good way to get consistent style while applying it to unique situations. Who knew?

    5. ^Seriously? DHX was granted to do that (and the animation is done in Flash so I'd imagine it's copy and paste), so no problem.

      Drawponies is just a fan.

      He traces, sure no problem.

      He traces and deny it and make money from it, that's where we got problem.

  3. I completely agree on your assessment of conventions. A decent bit have been inflating #s the last 2 years especially and it can really fuck the vendor sup. MSP and others this year did inflated #s. I know cause I am a vendor myself.

    Also yes Tracemonies did win that 2nd place award at MLP for best artist there. I will say if Grand Brony Gala is gonna take him and GUEST him it looks like I am hoping one of the vendors down there sells his ass out. I am tired of him. He's robbed the fandom of $$$$ and it's embarrassing conventions are still willing to take him

  4. Yikes, Fiesta Equestria really has nosedived.

  5. Small cons are really getting lamer each year. The only con I'm looking forward to this year is obviously BronyCon.

  6. As the vendor who wrote the third letter (belive me or not) the con overall went better money wise , went back up to what I made the first year. I will continue to go to this con while I can and look forward to it. There were a lot of issues this year. I personally had nothing stolen (that I know of) and my heart goes out to the vendors who lost things, many of whom I know. I hope something can be done to help them recover their losses. I hope the con continues but there need to be some serious changes to make sure this does not happen agian.

  7. The only post-con depression I got was the depression that I wasted my weekend there.

    It was as shitty as BFF last year just with more space. It looked so fucking empty. But lets be honest here. This was mostly the Houston bronies group. They are notorious for being shit. I've seen some autism in this fandom, but I literally felt that this was Fiestaism E-fagistria. I'm an ecig user, and there were people billowing clouds like retards.

    I was taking a shit (highlight of the con :D), and the dude next to me drops a big one and he yell "OH YEAH! FEELS SO GOOD!!!!" Then as he wipes his ass and leaves, I hear him tell a bystander in the restroom "I JUST TOOOKK A GIANT SHIT!" Im not sure if hilarious or genuinely creepy.

  8. "So I'm a vendor in FE! 2015
    I leave a horse cock on my booth Friday night and it's gone this morning.
    I went to Con Ops they told me they don't see my horse cock so they told me to ask the hotel.
    The hotel says they don't have it, and one of the hotel guy told me it's probably stolen since it's a con with people who loves horse cock.
    I thought I was the only victim but later another vendor came to my booth and apparently her horse cock was stolen. And, apparently many vendor has lost a stuff or two."

    Damn Horse News you are a genius.

  9. Hey, vendors? You know what's the best way to keep your stuff from getting stolen? LOCK IT UP! TAKE IT WITH YOU! You can't expect the con to do shit like this for you. How about, instead of moaning about how lazy you are, you get up off your ass and take your valuables to your rooms with you?
    Oh, wait, I forgot, that doesn't make 'good journalism'.

    1. To the ass who thinks s/he knows how to vend, perhaps you should live life in our shoes for a moment. If you think for a second that some of us have the luxury of simply 'taking our stuff with us', you're sadly mistaken. For instance, many phushie sellers have OVER A HUNDRED plushies that simply is a chore in itself to put up and take down (three hours for each) and how about them print sellers that have extremely heavy loads of prints to lug back and forth. We rely on the convention to help us out in this respect. What you probably don't realize is that break-ins are very rare in the convention scene (thefts usually happen during the time the room is open) and for it to happen TWICE in a single weekend is what is making this a cause for concern. You can ask all the vendors and most will agree that if this was confined to just one night of a break-in, it would NOT have been a big deal. We would have just chalked it up as an oversight by the staff... I know I would have. So next time you feel that you are miss/mister know-it-all that can simply hide behind an Anonymous tag and comment, think for a second... maybe then you won't look like a fucking shithead with your stupid ass 'comment-to-solve-everyone's-problem' that's no help to anyone.

    2. Op. Really? Take our stuff with us? You must need to put your fucking helmet back on cause you have some serious brain damage. Maybe you've never seen cuti corrals stuff but he has a uhals worth of stuff, and you think that he and all other vendors should just take it with us, which for him is hours worth of tare down and set up time! Pluse if you actually knew what you were talking about then you know that vendors typically have about 30 min to an hour after the con closes every day and an hour in the morning. So yeah I guess that were lazy and it totally fine that its in there contract.......oh wait I didn't get one of those at this make sure that ALL vendors product is safe by making sure that the room has NO ONE go into it after the con has closed for the day. Most cons have security in the room rotate through the room or have sleepers in the room or have someone posted outside the room. I really doubt that someone smashing the hell out of a lockbox is quiet. If you don't know what your talking about shut the fuck up. I guess all us vendors WANTED our lively hood stollen and to now have a place where we can't make $.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Some dude selling drawpony stuff better blame the con

    1. Drawponies won't be around much, he just got accepted to Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art.
      They accept only 12 talented artists per year.

    2. Good thing for the other applicants that he won't count against the cap.

  12. When was that picture of gameroom taken because when I was at Fiesta Equestria this year it constantly seemed to have a good amount of people plus you only took a picture of easily what was maybe 1/3rd of the overall space with the room with the wii u console on it constantly having people on it besides for in the morning when people were getting up plus one of those pictures easily shows at least 13 people on camera if you count

  13. Holy hell. Sounds like the Con Center got taken over by the mob or something, with the local Police Chief in on it too.

  14. This is spam. I've seen exactly the same comment elsewhere.