Horse Runs in Circle 3 Time; Millionaires With Funny Hats Even More Relevant
live on the scene.

American Pharaoh held a strong lead well into the last turn.
Even on the final stretch, he broke away from the pack with the short Mexican breaking out the whip well after victory was secured.
Horse racing is now only slightly less boring now that someone actually won.

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  1. I'm surprised no one has drawn porn of American Pharoah, usually the sperglords are racing to see who's the first to draw futa-tentacle-orgy-with-their-OC porn of any new horse/pony related thing that appears. Maybe they don't think a stallion would be a submissive enough waifu.

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  4. Horse name is American Pharoah not American Pharaoh, you stupid piece of shit.

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