Last remnants of Las Pegasus Unicon have been swept away

2 years after the landfall of Hurricane Sandi, the last remnants of the ill-fated Las Pegasus Unicon have been swept away; as the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas has closed its doors after 60 years in business. The Hotel, which notoriously threw congoers out on their asses in the desert, is itself out on its ass in the desert.

This of course means one thing:

Your stockpile of Unicon Bits is now officially worth the same as Riviera Casino Chips. 

In 2010, the Riviera filed for Bankruptcy, which in retrospect was a red flag for future events. 

The hotel, which stands as a reminder of the Fandom-Hell that was the year 2013, will actually be demolished...with a convention center built in its place.

Rumors are circulating of a revival movement, for another pony convention to be held in Las Vegas in the future. Would they dare hold it on the grave of the Riviera? 

Time will tell.s

Comments (8)

  1. That con did ruin a lot of things for cons all over the place.
    But now with the Fandom past is peak, start up new cons might not the be the smartest move.

    They're expensive things, even the Australian one which ran 3 successful years still got in trouble.
    Start ups now have all kinds of grief.

  2. How is the fandom past its peak?

    1. You need to face the truth. Sure, maybe this is just is just the bear or bull trap, and there will be an increase in the future, but right now, most of the clingers who just wanted a social group have moved to Steven Universe or something else.

    2. Not even. People just consider Season 2 to be the peak because they're still whining about Twilight's wings. Those who left were just fluff that we didn't need anyway, and the fandom is still growing.

    3. Such pessimism! As strong as we still run, even though this latest hiatus, pointing to a perceived "peak" as though we're fading away because we've been bigger before is heresy against the ride that never ends.

      Our shitstorms are still some of the biggest around, the porn is still abundant and disgusting, and the show is still on point no matter how one feels about the purple wings.

  3. So if there is indeed a convention center built in place of the Riviera, and bronies put on a convention there, and the musicians who got charged extra and were left in the cold are invited to play...

    The audience will literally be dancing on the grave of Unicon.

    Am I the only one who really, really likes this idea?

  4. As fucked as it was, I still had fun... As a convention-goer. And I wasn't expecting to do anything with these anyway:

  5. Woo! I'm all in favour of another con being held here in Vegas. I was only able to make it one day last time.

    If it does happen, you guys be sure to show up, yeah? The con was fun until the third day (After all, that's when it started raining and the moon smashed everything.)