Season 5 Pie Family Episode and Interview Over 100th Episode

The following comes to us from the User Submitted Articles box from a user named FraeFroe. The details and opinions below are those of FraeFroe and The Slorg, and do not necessarily represent those of Horse News, or anyone else for that matter.

Today we bring you exclusive news that the information Equestria Daily has given its readers is wrong, and we have never been more happy to find out the truth.

After we were able to make an interview with Aussieland dwelling brony, TheSlorg, (through a highly intricate language using didgeridoos) we found out information which includes details of how the 100th episode was found out, how they plan to portray and characterize the background ponies, and the fact that the so called Maud Christmas episode is actually an episode entailing the whole Pie family. We can only assume that Sethisto’s dislike of the ponies that put his waifu Trixie through work once in her life finally has been proven, and this is his way to show his hatred.
Why do you hate them so, Sethisto?

Here is the full interview, and thanks to TheSlorg for his time.

FraeFoe: what was your favorite parts of the Ponycon AU convention?

TheSlorg: I'd say the best part is meeting up with everyone. Not just VA's, I mean all the old friends I've made within the fandom over the past few years, meeting up with readers, and making new friends as well.

As far as actual events at the convention, the impromtu 'Lunch' panel was a highlight.

FraeFoe: What happened during the "lunch"?

TheSlorg: Musicians EvDog and the L-Train, myself, and fellow writer Agent Bookfort got together with a few others for a 'Lunch' panel during, what else, lunch. We discussed such topics as tips and advice on how to get the best out of your lunch, to whether or not brunch is acceptable, seeing as it's a hybrid of breakfast and lunch.

We drew a bit of a crowd, despite the panel not even being official. It was just a bit of fun, made even better by the fact that we managed to maintain a 'serious' tone despite it being ridiculous.

FraeFoe: How exactly did you end up getting this information on the 100th episode, and from whom?

TheSlorg: The majority of the information was given freely by Meghan McCarthy during the show staff panel, which can now be found on YouTube for verification. She actually offered a lot more information than anyone there expected, and I was surprised that nobody else had come forward with the info when I brought it to EQD.

There were a few tidbits picked up in other ways. One example is that the Christmas episode featuring Maud Pie was information obtained from Ingrid Nilson herself during an autograph session. EQD got the information slightly wrong, however, as the real information here is that the ENTIRE Pie family will be given a Christmas special, not just Maud. I'm fairly certain that G. M. Berrow was the one to write that episode, but I couldn't verify it with her so I left that part out.

FraeFoe: Wow. This is even leaving me in surprise.
Once hearing this, how did you react?

TheSlorg: I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the information was already out there, such as the Mane Six taking a backseat to background ponies for episode 100, but it was considered to be a rumor up until that point. It was good to hear some confirmation on the matter.

The info about Doctor Hooves was a complete shock, in a good way. We were discussing fan interpretations of character personalities after the reveal that some of the personalities will be entirely new so as to avoid looking as if they were 'pandering.' Megan noted that a few interpretations would remain intact, though, as they were much too fun to leave out. She then proceeded to whisper 'Doctor Hooves' in a conspiring tone in reference to what we'd see in episode 100.

I realize some within the fandom are concerned with episode 100 not being centered on the Mane Six, but I welcome it. To me, such an occassion is a time to sit back and just enjoy the milestone, and it looks as if that's what the writers intend to do. I have faith that they will deliver.

FraeFoe: I do to.
I believe I have an inkling on what your answer will be, but what is/are your favorite background pony or ponies?

TheSlorg: Well, despite my constant raving about Junebug, she actually isn't my favorite background pony. That honor goes to Lyra. My obsession with Junebug (the pony who Spike tried to get flowers from in 'The Secret of My Excess') began when I realized how adorably awkward she sounded. She was like a more tame version of Fluttershy: not great at socialization, but not having the scaredy-cat factor, either. And also quite cute. I was thrilled to see her return briefly in 'Leap of Faith' during the Flim Flam Brothers' song.

As for Lyra, I have zero interest in the personality that the fandom has given her. I prefer the somewhat overly-excited Lyra we see in the series, who hops up in down in anticipation of something interesting that is about to happen. You can see my own interpretation of her personality in my story, Lyra's Ultimate Item Emporium.

FraeFoe: Are you worried about how they might portray the ponies in the 100th episode at all? Especially if it changes in ways the fanon personality you have attached to that character?(Discluding Lyra, of course.)

TheSlorg: Not really. We've had four years to play with these characters and give them personalities of our own. We've had our time to create something out of these blank canvases, but now it's time to see what the show runners have had in mind. Maybe Lyra will be a bumbling magic-user, or perhaps we'll see Carrot Top/Golden Harvest do something that doesn't have to do with carrots.

And while what they did with Bulk Biceps in changing the voice actor was a little jarring (nobody can beat the original 'YEAAAAH!" we all know and love), I'm anticipating these new personalities and then using them in future stories.

FraeFoe: Alright, two questions left.
What ponies would you and would you not like to see in this episode, or is that not really a big concern to you?

TheSlorg: Lyra is a given. I want to see her get some time to shine. Of course, we already know Doctor Hooves will be featured in some way. I'd like to see some Octavia– preferably NOT as DJPon3's roomate– and maybe some Coco Pommel. And Derpy, of course.

Ponies I don't want to see? Hayseed Turnip Truck, Bulk Biceps, Wonder Bolts, etc.

I wouldn't mind seeing them in the background, but in my opinion these specific characters work better in very quick scene-stealing shots as opposed to giving them full-fledged personalities.

FraeFoe: Anything else would you like to add, from anything relating to other info or projects of your own?

TheSlorg: You can listen to me read fanfics on Hoofwave Radio Podcasts at or on YouTube. When I'm not doing that, I'm pre-reading and hunting for info for Equestria Daily. If you would like to see what I've been writing, have a look at my Fimfiction profile and let me know what you think. My latest story there, Allure, was written in conjuction with writer extraordinaire Cold In Gardez, and had editing help by Maskedferret.

I'd like to thank you for inviting me to be interviewed, and thank anyone reading for checking out what I have to say. Maybe I'll see some of you at the next PonyCon AU!

FraeFoe: Thank you for giving me your time, Slorg.

TheSlorg: Not a problem. It was fun!

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