Artist Spotlight - Meet GlacierClear

1 week ago tonight, /mlp/ was visited by an angel. Her name is GlacierClear, and she has quickly become a new favorite on the board, with 7 entire draw request threads down and no signs of stopping. Her first moments were rocky, as she didn't know about the board's ban on clop, but that hasn't stopped the fledgling artist from pumping out literally hundreds of original images over the last few days.

Tonight we showcase this budding perennial favorite and get to know a little more about her.

NSFW Blog:

GlacierClear, like many artists has a tumblr account where she keeps the majority of her sketches and other pieces of pony art. Here:

We contacted GlacierClear to ask a few questions.

How old are you?

Where are you from? 
I live in Nebraska, was born in South Korea.

Who is best pony?
Princess Luna, obviously.

How long have you been on the ride?
I’ve been watching ponies since about the 7th grade…so, 5ish years?

How long have you been making pony art? 
I’ve been making pony art since I started watching the show. The art style fascinated me so I tried to draw it…needless to say, my first drawings were pretty bad.

Do you make any other kinds of art? 
I make Anthro art, regular art, uh, animation sometimes. I like drawing character concepts???

What mediums do you like to work with?
I love digital, and just plain mechanical pencil! Watercolor is another favorite of mine. I think my least favorites are oil/chalk pastel and acrylic.

When did you first come to /mlp/? 
I first came to /mlp/ about a week ago!  So like, March 16th?

Favorite thing about 4chan? 
I love the sense of humor that 4chan has, it cracks me up.

Favorite MLP episode?
My favorite MLP episode might have to be the Season 2 finale, or Luna Eclipsed.

Thing looking forward to most in Season 5? 
I’m looking forward to the 100th episode! Also, getting to just watch the show again, heh. There better be more Luna!

Guilty Pleasure? 

Guilty pleasure? Other than MLP? Probably obsessing over super romantic animes with cute schoolgirls and bishie-desu men.


Idol…? Man that’s a toughie. I really admire Yuumei (found her on DeviantArt). Both for her reasons for drawing and her art in general.

Favorite non-pony show/movie? 
Pokemon. (Old Pokemon) Favorite movie is definitely Wolf Children.

If you had super powers would you use them for good, or for awesome? 

For my own personal, devious desires…but maybe a little bit for good.

What you want to be when you get older?
I want to be a Concept Artist/Storyboard Artist for an Animation studio!

Outside of her now-regular request threads, she has also attempted a greentext story thread with some success. 

We simply do not have the time or space to properly showcase the full range of the artwork that this drawfriend has pumped out over the last week, so we've included the links to every thread so far, which contain all the full size images.

We hope this remains an ongoing activity on the board, starved of content for so long.
Thanks Glacier for taking the time to chat with us, best of luck!

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  1. how did i miss this shit

  2. She be good. Pretty based, this Glacier is.

    1. She's a straight up 14 on the pH scale.

    2. 53 58 what you did there...

  3. 10/10 : Pretty good

  4. Oh, I didn't realize I went to EqD.
    Glad I can go to HN to avoid circlejerking like this.

    1. HN has always had thread / artist spotlight posts you dumb bastard

  5. Another artist to while away the final days of the hiatus. Fan-fucking-tastic. All hail the based producers of quality OC.