So it's a big day for the world.  
Let's talk.

First and foremost, The Large Hadron Collider is powering up, right this minute, in an endeavor that may prove, and/or make contact with, a parallel universe.

Scientists have successfully inserted Woolly Mammoth DNA into elephants, bringing them closer than ever to bringing back a species that has been extinct for nearly 4000 years, Jurassic-Park Style.

Super Troopers 2 launched their funding campaign, with a promise to create an actual Beerfest event.

Boeing  created and patented a laser forcefield, confirming once and for all that this is the future.

All of these things, and yet THERE IS STILL NO HALF-LIFE 3!

God dammit everything sucks.

Oh also there's a new MLP Synopsis out for episode 6. That's probably what you wanted when you clicked on the article.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Appleoosa's Most Wanted

S05, E06()
Infamous outlaw Troubleshoes Clyde returns to terrorize the Appleoosa rodeo and the Cutie Mark Crusaders set out to bring him to justice and finally get their cutie marks.

Comments (13)

  1. Super Troopers 2 fund is all I needed to hear to make this a good day. And the incentives for the find are ok But can can we **persuade**
    Them to make Farva a closet horsefucker with a plushie horde if throw enough money at them?

  2. When will horse fucking be legalized in New Hampshire? That's what I want to know.

  3. *Christian Science* Monitor..?

  4. inb4 "contact" with parallel universe is made next Tuesday or Wednesday.
    inb4 actual parallel universe is filled with horse people
    inb4 scientists find actual portal to Equestria next Wednesday.

  5. Super Troopers 2?

    One word: SHENANIGANS!

  6. I see nothing in that article even remotely mentioning a parallel universe. It only says it's going to increase the energy of the collisions to create larger particles that may have not been predicted before.

    1. Googled it. While not stated in the article, the team working on the LHC is on the lookout for miniature black holes of non-earth-destroying sizes. If they DO find these tiny black holes while testing, then that would support the idea of extra dimensions, but not the "Portal to Equestria" type, sorry. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that won't happen for hundreds of life times if it is even physically possible.

    2. >I'm pretty sure that won't happen for hundreds of life times

      Cool! How did you calculate that?

  7. Well, poopysauce then.

  8. >make contact with parallel universe
    finally a portal to equestria

  9. >tfw half-life 3 will happen in real life

  10. >tfw planes have AT fields before mechs become a thing