Newest convention comes to California - #Lartarus15

Critics are calling it "the Coachella of conventions", as the latest fan gathering preps to hit California this Summer. "Lartarus15" is coming, run by none-other than Mitch "Buy My Book" Larson himself, in his front yard in Southern California. So far confirmed guests include Larson, Josh Haber, and the Mail Man when he shows up with the power bill.

Prospective guests to Lartarus, which we're told will feature such attractions as a "Slip and Slide", as well as a children's turtle sandbox. Attendees will stay at the beautiful "Larson's Living Room" hotel, with overflow options including "tents in the back yard by the charcoal grill".

Natasha Levinger wasn't invited.

We're told by organizers that there will be a variety of panels, such as the highly anticipated seminar "Get off my lawn", hosted by Larson himself, as well as live showings of "whatever is on cable". Attendees will have a variety of dining options available to them, including Jimmy Johns sandwich delivery, Papa Johns pizza delivery, or the 7-11 a few miles down the road.

Larson and Haber will be signing everything from restraining orders to witness testimonies provided by the LAPD when they show up to remove attendees from the property. Photo ops will include arrest warrant numbers.

At press time, the Slip and Slide has been cancelled due to the California drought.

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  1. Thanks MA Larson

  2. >entertainmet
    where are the namecallings and /pol/iticism and the ealthy dose of autism and spaghetti?

  3. Assuming the "get off my lawn" panel is actually closing ceremonies, or maybe opening ceremonies?

  4. no ballpit

    I'm disappointed, Larson....also no make out sessions and a night on Larson's bed with all the female staffs of the show? this con is bound to suck