Someone made a Transformers/MLP crossover toy

Oh dear. Those Michael Bay cuckolds aren't going to like this one bit...right?

Original Optimus Pony design
We got a tip about this post on some fruity little forum page that's about a design for the Transformer, Jetfire. Discussing the facebook post found here, the post shows us the unmistakable Rainbow Dash designs in all their glory, with an explanation showing us that, yes, this was an actual thing.

"Could this be the equivalent of "Nukin' the Fridge"? 
This was intended to be the 4th upgrade set we made for Generations Leader Jetfire. We went with a different crossover concept, something we never attempted. 
It was a good way to showcase the new holo-reflective stock with all the bright colours and graphics. 
This set may never get released, but I felt it was good enough to share with everybody."
 - Transformers guy, Justin Goguen

So a shelved Transformer with a Rainbow Dash design was shared on Facebook randomly and is not set to go to stores any time soon, but was simply something a worker felt like sharing for shits and giggles. Naturally, Transformers fans threw a wonderful hissy fit. At least that's what you'd think.

Believe it or now, most of these fans were pretty calm about it, save for a few...

that gif
to read better
And of course, the best one:

Jesus man, take a chill pill. Seriously, it's just a toy, no need to get so worked up.

While there doesn't seem to be any plans for this toy to be officially released, the demand for it versus the hate for it is actually promising. If enough people told Hasbro they would throw shekels at them for it, we could see a whole set of these things come out. Oh boy, what a wonderful day that will be. Then we can look back and say we saw the great shitstorm form.

Much like Transformers, Horse News writers are disguised as well. We're fun on the outside but manically depressed alcoholics in disguise

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  1. I prefer full frontal nudity, so this is not really my thing....


  3. I haven't bought Transformers toys since 2011. MLP sorta took over as my default Hasbro toyline, and Power Rangers filled my need for transforming robots. But I would have bought the hell out of this.

    1. I haven't bought any of those toys since I stopped being a virgin

    2. Ha, what a loser. I haven't been a virgin for almost 12 years, and I STILL buy toys. Fuck, toys are better than sex anyway. Toys don't make you cry later. Toys don't cause children to steal 200 bucks a month for 'child support'.

    3. Don't buy modern Transformers. They are total and utter shit.

    4. >Toys don't make you cry later
      Tell someone who actually cares about your personal bullshit

    5. >implying someone cares about my personal bullshit

  4. We have planes just like this one in our air force!I think they are called f-14.

  5. Damn, that might actually be a pretty good collectible for a Rainbow Dash fan...if you keep it as a jet

  6. This is in no way actually made by Hasbro. It's a third-party sticker set made by ReproLabels, who regularly recreate old sticker sheets for old Transformers, and new sets for newer Transformers that might benefit from more detail. They're not linked to Hasbro in any way; this is just a set created for a stock Hasbro toy by a brony at an unaffiliated company. Not a Hasbro product.

  7. Well that's one Generations Leader Class Jetfire made worthless, even though the figure was pretty shitty quality to begin with.

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