Curse of February Lifted....kinda

With a mere 12 hours remaining in February, it seems that the curse of an annual massive shitstorm has been lifted. The month that had brought us the /co/ bans, Derpygate, Las Pegasus Unicon, Beiber Fever, /mlp/'s creation, Equestria Girls 1 and Twilicorn, has, in 2015 not yielded any noticeable amount of unrest, despite it's best efforts.
A virgin sacrifice performed at Horse News headquarters in Detroit seems to have appeased the shitstorm gods who have finally had their fill of blood and tears. 

A fandom that has been worn down by the longest hiatus that still has no end in sight could not muster half the amount of fucks that would normally be given with the demon's resume that was February. 

February 2015 saw:

A brony on trial for a double homicide.
A tumblr pegasister on trial for planning a Columbine-style mass shooting.
A lack of a release date despite 2 investor meeting broadcasts.
Information about Equestria Girls 3
My Little Pony featured in a Superbowl Ad.
Equestria Primates being kill.
The Canadian Govt. naming a domestic surveillance program after MLP.
A criminal crusie scam targeted at Pony Fans.
Crunchbite - A fanfic writer dying of Leukemia
DoughBoy dying of Liver Cancer.
The Final Departure of Moot from 4chan
And god knows what else.

Beyond the fandom, the month also brought the recent death of Leonard Nimoy, Jon Stewart's announced departure from the Daily Show, and numerous other real-world issues.

But no major shitstorm! None apparently strong enough to bring the fandom to it's limits like we've seen every year before.

This has caused some to suggest that "the curse" has been officially lifted. Others suggest that it is merely because this is the first year where February hasn't been "in-season" to CAUSE a shitstorm.

Nonetheless, it's almost over. 

May March bring us happier days.

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  1. Shitstorm that'd be somewhat funny: Muslim brony arrested for attempting to join ISIS through fake trip to German pony convention. Traveler's bag reveals brony trying to hide drugs in MLP toys and a phallic horse toy.

    Pony fans leave fandom in large numbers. Brony fandom now being monitored by FBI.

  2. Double homicide? Columbine? Links?

    1. They're all horse news articles
      maybe you should read them sometime

    2. why bother when I have a life to live and more exciting things to do

      like trim my pubes

  3. You forgot the shitstorm over the comics being declared non canon by both the show director and the comic editor, ChikiLiki.

  4. I want to see one of these month writeups every month.

  5. I want to see one of these month writeups every month.