"Horse News" to be tattooed on artist

We here at Horse News have always considered ourselves to patrons of the arts. Which is why, when we were presented with the opportunity to support a worthy art project, we jumped at the opportunity. Today we are proud to announce that "Horse News" will be forever part of the living canvas that is Illma Gore's body.

That's right. She's getting a "Horse News" tattoo.

Illma Gore is an artist from Los Angeles, California, and she set up a GoFundMe page a few days ago to fund her latest art exhibit - herself.

For $10, Gore will inscribe any 1 or 2 words of your choosing somewhere on her flesh. For $25 she'll double it. And anything beyond that is icing on the cake.

She DID clarify in her description that it can be literally any 2 words you desire, "even penis", to help tell the world's story. 

Thanks to an anonymous hero and HN fan, we were able to come up with our $10 donation to help make her dreams come true, requesting that she inscribe "Horse News" on her body.

Thanks anon, and good luck Illma, can't wait to see the final product.
IF you would like to tell your story on Illma, you can check out the campaign here.

Comments (6)

  1. Two words "Flutter Rape"

  2. Serconded I would be happier knowing someone had an IWTCIRD tatoo.
    Make it happen anons.

  3. >gofuckme doesn't support paypal
    Guess I don't get to be the based anon that pays $10 for IWTCIRD...