Catfood McFly closes Ask Fury Belle

For most of last year, it felt as if Horse News had a soulmate of a webcomic artist, and his name was Catfood. For 100 comics we watched as Fury Belle, head of the Ponyville Rad Fems waged war against the evils of the patriarchy and muh soggy knee with help of her friends Slut Shamed, Checked Privilege, and ApPLEBbloom. Well early this morning we received word that the Rad Fems closed up shop, most likely for good.

Fury Belle was always ahead of the curve on social commentary for the weekly battle that is being a adult-male pony fan. Many of the comics drew inspiration directly from events that would share Horse News headlines, including the Ted Anderson drama, and even some of our hatemail. 

It's actually quite amazing that the artist managed to turn a joke about Claire Corlett's famous attitude into a full-fledged 10-month running character. 

Fury Mod assures us that the decision to end Ask Fury Belle at 100 comics is in no way tied to SJW pressure or anything of the sort, merely that, like so many other projects in the pony community, real life has taken charge, and inspiration for original content has worn thin. Here's the message:
"Thanks to everyone for all the asks and fun over the past year! Considering I intended to go to 10 updates and actually went to 100, that’s not bad.
Don’t worry - it’s not down to SJWs leaning on me (I’d just lel and they didn’t anyway). I’ve just run out of material. You can only (backhandedly) call a group of people self-centered, egomaniacal and frankly stupid twats so many times before you’re just flogging a dead horse. I’ve moved onto other projects now, and they’re all non-tumblr and unlikely to be of interest to any Fury Belle readers.
The best thing about not using tumblr is it’s suddenly like Social Justice Retards don’t exist anymore. It really is like somebody invented a containment board just for that. Thanks, Mr. Karp! Spent that first billion yet? :3
Now who is to say six months from now I won’t miss the keks and come back for Checked Privilege, Fury Belle, Justice Belle, Fat Slut Shamed et al? Knowing me as I do, it’s possible - but for now, just remember: you are allowed to laugh at them, no matter how many times they say you’re not. Let’s keep it that way.
- Your pal, Fury Mod (Felineform Otherkin)"
It is uncertain if or how the indefinite hiatus will affect Fury Belle's cister-comics, including ApPLEBbloom, Incestria Girls, Rainbow Cocks, or Brutalewd, but there has been no definite indication as of yet from any of those pages either way (we will monitor Brutalewd's patreon for updates).

Catfood says in the post, that he may return someday, "who knows?". 
But if not, and this is goodbye for good, we would like to say:

It has been a privilege.

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  1. I wouldn't expect much from Rainbow Cocks (or a conclusion of Incestria Girls). He already mentioned a while back that he pretty much left tumblr to take care of other projects and that its unlikely that there will be more RC.

    He actually mentioned that Fury Belle will still go on, but it's not surprising that that's not the case after all.

    1. He announced back in December that everything that wasn't Fury Belle was already cancelled.

  2. >real life projects
    >mom finally kicked him out of the basement and he has to get a job

    godspeed bruh

  3. Sad. He's not a visually consistent cartoonist, but I absolutely loved his work. And his speaking voice. (*involuntary orgasm*)

  4. >Catfood quits
    >He never did that interview with horse news.


    .... ;_;7

    1. It's not for lack of trying, he's a shy fella.

  5. Also fuck, there's one last thing I wanted Catfood to tack on, and it's Chris Chan.

    With the recent Gamestop assault and blue arms paranoia, as well as his Transgender shit (despite it clearly being a ploy to get pussyĆ  and hilarious LGBT stance where he avoid the hardest to not praise gays, his depiction by catfood would've been great.

  6. Today was truly a day of great tragedy.

  7. The ride is ending. :^)

    1. "I’m still a fan of pony and will still lurk hideously over on /mlp/. I’ll also watch season 5 when it turns up because I have a personal theory it’s going to be a massive train wreck and I don’t want to miss out on the lels."

      " have a personal theory it’s going to be a massive train wreck"

      "It’s going to be a massive train wreck"

      It's happening

  8. RIP In Piece Fury Belle

  9. But why is it no longer possible to view the archives of that comic? Why not just leave it up so that people can read it?

  10. I tried to throw some money at him once. Asked where his Patreon was or whatever. He told me that he hates the Patreon bullshit, that it's people paying you merely for existing, and encouraged me to instead buy one of his T-shirts (at no profit to him, mind you).