Brony Fair Crowdfunding

Today we have a press release from our German friends, along with another convention animations. Sounds like they're doing a crowdfunding effort for the next convention in Berlin. If your'e interested, there's copypasta info below.

Hey there!
Some of you guys asked us in the past if we do a Startnext crowdfunding campaign and the awnser is yes!
We have many cool rewards for those who are willing to support us to make Brony Fair more awesome than it is planned to be. The money will go directly into the Fair uns will be used for additional decoration and special guests.

If you are intrested and want to know what these rewards are look here:

€5 Crowdfunding Button

€7 Shipping inside germany(important for non-visitors)

€15 Shipping worldwide(important for non-visitors)

€15 Pencil Drawing by RainbowScreen(

€20 Brony Fair Poster by RainbowScreen(

€25 Brony Fair design mug

€35 Troublemaker T-Shirt

€50 Unity T-Shirt

€90 Bag Pack

€150 Create your own video with Saberspark and ACRaceBest

€300 A Plushie of either Pancake or Westfalia

€500 VIP Special (including lots of stuff)

€1000 Sponsor Special (even more stuff)

If you are interested check out out Startnext page!

See you soon,

Your Brony Fair team!

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