Anon Creates Work of Art: Cites Shit Inspiration

It's been a long-established fact that there's more in common with /vg/ than /co/ nowadays in /mlp/. The lack of show material forces an influx of general threads focusing on meta-topics for the crowd to kill time until the (hopeful) March release of Season 5. One anon, inspired by the state of his board, put together some pretty damn-good parody lyrics that collected the entire scope of topics covered by the board, in addition to other meta issues. The song? "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel.

The lyrics in question encompassed two posts, as reads below:

A pastebin of the lyrics can be found here, the thread here, and this writer's hoping for something in the future coming out of this.
Please sing again /mlp/. It's always so much fun.

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  1. The OP commented in the thread that he wrote this while "trying to figure out how to write the next thing for [his] home general". This of course beggars the question - which general did he come from?

    1. Rarifag wasn't kidding when he was talking about Horse-News having better days.
      The articles used to be at least 75% less trash.

    2. Horse News was always shit.

      Rarifag's articles are just even worse

    3. Everything is always shit. Sometimes shits make you feel relieved. Other times, they make you cry for mercy from Ronald Regan as solid chunks of lava slowly explode from your anus

    4. Was linked to the thread by another writer. I'm too much of a talentless hack.

  2. Songfag still hasn't finished the "Under Our Spell" project.