The GBCC and My Little Convention - a pair of new UK Conventions

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Well it looks like the UK will not be devoid of pastel horse pageantry. In the wake of BUCK, we've been sent a press release for the "Great British Brony Convention", which HN will henceforth be referring to as "The BBC".
We had previously been sent a link to the website for this upcoming con, but at the time it was pretty devoid of content. We'll have more info about this con as it becomes available.

Another UK con has also popped up "My Little Convention" slated for late August in Southport.


For the last three years, My Little Pony fans have flocked to Manchester to party, make friends and generally celebrate all things equine. In 2015, be prepared to do it all over again.

The Great British Brony Convention, taking place over the weekend o24-26 July 2015, will bring in Bronies from across the world back to North West England, in the vibrant and grand city of Manchester. In association with our partners at Manechester, we hope to create a convention that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, and becomes a frequent fixture in the growing UK convention calendar.

Popular artists will showcase the wide spectrum of musical genres in the community, including a large concert on the Friday evening.Saturday and Sunday will be chock full of panels and events that celebrate the creative nature of our fandom; be it musicians, writers, animators, artists…

We’re also happy to announce that we already have two community guests on board for GBBC! Captain Hoers is an artist and animator whose Ask Firestarter Spitfire Tumblr blog is popular with many – he also helped a lot with the previous BUCK convention, supplying artwork, logos and the teaser video for last year’s event

Mush, electronic music man and friend, kicks off what we’re expecting to be a long line-up of the best fandom musicians in the country and beyond. Using chip tune and electro-beats to create catchy and enjoyable remixes, he attracts thousands of hits on his YouTube channel and is well versed in playing to live convention audiences and getting our party started!

The event will be hosted at the Manchester Conference Centre, located in the heart of the city and with great transport links to the rest of the UK, with Manchester Piccadilly Train Station just 5 minutes walk away. This venue not only gives visitors great accessibility to the rest of the city’s attractions but also holds enough space for our great events, as well as an outside court for when you want to wind down.

More information about guests, tickets and guest/vendor applications will be available in the very near future. Check out our website for more information, or hit us up on social media – and get ready for the UK’s biggest event of the year (about small cartoon horses!)

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  1. So it's just like BUCK?

  2. Like BUCK but shit?

    1. What makes you think it'll be shit, other than your own cynicism?

  3. Never managed to attend BUCK, mostly because every year they insisted on holding it in fucking Manchester. Too far, too expensive. News! New con! In fucking Manchester!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  4. WTF is it with UK conventions and July/August? Great idea, guys. When you're already at a disadvantage for getting guests across the Atlantic, make sure to conflict with as many as possible at the height of con season. EFNW on the west coast, BronyCon on the east coast, the big Canadian one, that one in Finland I can't remember the name of right now, etc.

    1. 1. We get three days of sunshine (but oh god it's so bright and glorious when we get it)
      2. The long weekend for when the banks shut on the Monday
      3. Get a costume that lets you carry a large wooden stick as part of it for self defense purposes so the police don't get wise. Manchester is rough enough that it needed Gene Hunt to police it.

      At least the Pride Weekend isn't on, so that means you will HAVE ROOM AT HOTELS.

  5. Summer holiday is a prime time - almost all people have vacation so everybody will hold a convention. Plus ppl in EU don't give a toss about US/CA since its too far. Heck, some of the EU guests are becoming so popular that they are wanted over the sea.

    So it may not be a great idea but it is the only possibility!

  6. Just to say.

    GBBC is ran by complete fuckwits who have no idea what they are doing and they have decided to put the fucking event on the same weekend as Manchester MCM Comic Con.. the biggest nerd event in the North of England.