New teaser for Rainbow Cunt

Next in the series of teaser trailers for the sexy and kick ass season five, Hasbro released the new Rainbow Dash teaser several hours ago. Also they tried to sell us some sweet alternative transport, but we all just use the Horse News sex van.

After last week's teaser featuring Apple "actually cinnamon" Jack, this week we were graced with the presence of the insufferable blue cunt herself, Rainbow Dash. We'd also like to thank you once again for your losses in the bets.

Clearly next week Rarara will have her fun in the sun and there's nothing we can do about it. Get geared up for Season 5 bitches, praise be Faust.

Once again thank you AnimatedJames for the first accurate depiction of the worship needed to make it to Equestria. Horse News is eternally grateful.

Comments (10)

  1. Still best pony

  2. Holy fuck, look at krusty kunt's ass 16 seconds in. What could this mean?

    1. Rainbow is fighting for same sex equality, obviously.

    2. >not watching the Season 5 animatic

      That's sad anon

  3. >mfw some obese anon will be riding that my little pony bicycle, sweating heavily through their xxl jersey shorts.

  4. Oh fuck. That's the stupid ass bike my sister is getting for Christmas.