Equestria Girls 3 confirmed? No one surprised

Earlier tonight, during the ongoing twitter storm, a tidbit nearly slipped through the cracks. A confirmation by Ishi Rudell that production of Equestria Girls 3 is underway.


We don't know for sure, because he disappeared afterward.

And then he deleted his post.

Due to the tweet's disappearance, many question if it ever existed at all, but luckily HN's own staffer Chelis claims to have "seent it with his own eyes". And he's totally reliable. Chelis was quoted as saying he was "stocking up on lotion in preparation". 

Reasons for the tweet's deletion are unknown, but easy to guess, as little official confirmation of the movie's existence has even come to light yet. But this move should surprise exactly 0 people who watched Rainbow Rocks through to completion this year. The ending scenes of the second film hinted heavily at a trilogy in the making.

Horse News actually reported on there being a third movie in February of this year, nearly 10 months ago.

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