German Brony Convention picks up G.M. Berrow

Having only just now come out of a celebratory alcohol-induced coma that has spanned the last 3 days, I noticed that we missed quite a bit of news. But that's okay, because sobriety has finally set in and we're able to get back at it.

In the Horse News tip jar, we find that G.M. Berrow, one of the few staffers brave enough to actually sit down for an interview with us, has been booked for Brony Fair in 2015 in Germany! So that's neat. 

You can find the press release stuff below.

We are very glad to announce you a very special guest from oversea for you: For her first stay on continental Europe, G.M. Berrow will visit the Brony Fair 2015!
Being the author of the official MLP:FIM Character Books as well as theDaring Do Adventure Collection, she is already well-known within the Brony fandom.
As she will be a integral part of the MLP-author group from the fifths season on, you can already stay tuned for her panel!

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Comments (3)

  1. That's quite nice, but I'm still on the fence on whether I'll go or not. Mostly because of the people who organize that fair. After meeting them a few times, I concluded that I don't want to know any bronies from Berlin.

    1. For what I know there is only one Brony from Berlin in the team. The others are from different parts of germany.

    2. Exactly, there is just one guy in the team and from the conversations I had with him, he seems to be a pretty cool guy.