Humble Bundle has a new top donor: "Please Fire Ted Anderson"

As we head into the Holiday season, many have begun to open their hearts, and their wallets to good causes around the world. Among them is the Humble Bundle, which allows people to donate to charity efforts, and be rewarded for doing so. More importantly, it allows anonymous donors to make a statement; in this case, one very directly.

Earlier this week, Horse News posted about the My Little Pony IDW Comics Humble Bundle, and encouraged our readers to participate, and make sure all the proceeds go to either the Humble Bundle, or the Hasbro Children's fund.

Apparently they took our advice.

We received an email from someone claiming to be the current Top Donor for the campaign, who donated $300 (over 22 times the current average donation) under the name "Please Fire Ted Anderson".

The email claims it all went to charity.

We hope that the rest of our readers follow "Please Fire Ted Anderson"'s example.

At the time of posting, 10 days remain in the campaign.

Comments (13)

  1. Well, it's certainly not as much as "Please Fire Ted Anderson", but I pretty much did the same. Most went to the charity, with a small amount for the HB tip.

  2. They should fire IDW's moderator as well, as Sprite harrases people, deletes legit questions and shills around the place as if it were his day job.

    Nice PR for IDW and Hasbro, Sprite.

  3. Ted Anderson is becoming Phil Fish. It's not even about him anymore, it's just kitschy like a meme.

  4. Someone actually put their money where their mouth is, and it goes to charity too!

  5. Hats off to PFTA-anon for actually having the balls to go through with it. I live in hope that someone at IDW will actually pay attention to this.

  6. I'd say this is better than "Hitler did nothing wrong".

  7. This is from the comments on another HN story - someone made the suggestion, someone else went and did it. I was the dude that replied, but it wasn't me that made the purchase.

    TFW I'm not enough of a rich whitefag.

  8. So calling it...inb4 actual firing

  9. If I had $2700 or so bucks to waste, I'd do the same thing. 9 times.

  10. The top donator has changed...
    ...and now Rarity is best pony

    1. Ted anderson probably did it himself

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