Another flash game review, now presenting you: My Pretty Pony or Porn Star?

It’s time for another review or whatever I do when I talk about miniature equine related flash games spread all around the internet, like ur mum’s legs.
Man, check out those mammaries.... mmmff!

All faggy looking, just4u<3
On this occasion I’ll bring you a quiz game (such fun), which will require you to use both of your heads to answer it right, if you know what I mean ;)
Cuz, y’know, men have a penis and all that… except for grils. They have icky vagoos.

Alright, the game is called “My Pretty Pony or Porn Star?” made by The-WalrusZ, who by the way has made many more similar games like this,  and this one is a very simple one, just like the others. You know how quiz’s work.   

I’m not even going to explain it how it works. Here, have a picture of the instructions from the game itself. Haha, A+ journalism quality!

Look at that cute, cheery motherfucker, always there for you :) 
I'm talking about the pink one.

That’s it. Now you are prepared for this mental challenge that you and your penis will have to take on.
Hey, don’t be ashamed of getting an answer wrong. Our little understanding and motivating old gen equine friend here will be there to console you or, if you get the option correctly, congratulate you!

Just so you get to know the format of this challenge you will encounter.

Respond to all the questions  properly. The option above will be "My Pretty Pony" and the one below will be "Porn Star" Now it's up to you to figure it out which one is and you are set! That’s all. After finishing the quiz, our fun-size equine companion will tell you your result

Such quality. This is truly from 2006.

Not that I know much about old ponies a-and porn stars… b-baka! I-I just got them all correct just to w-write this article.

 I do apologize for the short, shitty review thing, I can’t find any article-worthy flash games like this at the moment.

Comments (4)

  1. Fuck, that was actually hard. Got 7/12 in first attempt.

  2. I do when I talk about miniature equine related flash games spread all around the internet, like ur mum’s legs.

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