Anonymous hacks KKK twitter, uses it to post Unicorns

At 9:11 on Sunday, a member of the loosely-defined "Hacktivist" collective known as Anonymous took control of the Ku Klux Klan's primary twitter account. 

What are they using it for?

Posting ponies of course.

It's fittingly poetic, that the way Anonymous has chosen to humiliate a group dedicated to hate and intolerance, is to leave a rainbow-adorned unicorn at the top of their twitter account. We can only hope that they continue this way.

The account was seized in response to the KKK's threats of lethal force against protesters in Ferguson, that are expected to become more energized with the jury decision for Officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown earlier this year.

The users are deliberating the release of Klansmember identities via the account.

But who cares about all that? Keep posting ponies.

Comments (13)

  1. Lol. If anonymous decides to publish the names of those Klansmen, Kira will get them.

  2. That's the kind of "Anonymous" this generation grows up thinking about.

    That it's some kind of "rob from the rich to give to the poor" good guy ignore-the-law-to-make-the-world-a-happy-place organization.

    These are sad times.

  3. If it means trashing the klan, I'm fine with that.
    It's when they start badgering me about my waifu, though...

  4. Trashing the Klan is fine and dandy.

    It's when they do it "for great justice" that it's fucking retarded.

  5. I understand, that for some people, who's only life achievement is sitting in their Ma's basement all day furiously masturbating to Rainbow Dash's crotchtits, the notion that there are actually people in this world who are doing something with their lives and trying to achieve something can be extremely painful to bear.
    But, trust me, accusing someone of actually doing things but not the way you like it, doesn't make them look bad, but instead makes everybody see you for what you are - an insecure looser.
    So let's keep that spaghetti locked in our little Ziplocs tucked away deep in our pockets and keep the autism out of the HN comments. Leave that for EQD.
    Anonymous can do the fuck they want, because that's who they are. I say: Good on 'em!

  6. And SJWs still paint Anonymous as racist, homophobic right wing fascists. Nevermind the fact these based bros have taken down a bunch of sick fucks and their pedo network or that they've got the balls to target Buck Ofama's police state.

  7. Anon 5 gave me light,

  8. I don't see what makes this different. All the times Anonymous have gotten togther to gangrape someone, it's usually been because they thought that their targets were scumfucks and deserved it. Whether you're of the opinion that Project Chanology turned into cancer or not, why else was it initially started if not moral reasons, making a stand against the fuckery that is scientology? You don't have to be an SJW to think that the motherfucking KLU KLUX KLAN are bad people who need taking down.

  9. Anon 7 this is gonna make those OTHER retards come out of the woodwork who scream "IZ MUH OPINIONS!!!!11! DON'T CHALLENGZ MUH OPINIONS!!!!!!". Watch.

  10. I don't really see how. Anonymous attacking the Klu Kulx Klan should be about the most uncontroversial thing ever.

  11. It's not about Anonymous doing what Anonymous wants to do. It's about Anonymous pretending to be some "force for good," which we've never been. Those of you that think that's what Anonymous is all about are exactly the kind of cancer that I'm talking about.

    >hurrdurr spaghetti autism guy thinks Anon isn't Robin Hood!

    Anonymous is not Robin Hood, Anon. If they want to be some activists, whatever; that's not what Anonymous is, though.

  12. Anonymous is whatever, dumb nigger. Quit trying to make it as if your opinion is the final say. You're just as stupid if not more annoying than those people you claim to be "cancer".

  13. U mad, klansman anon?

    No, but seriously, again, how is this any different than Chanology or any of the MANY other times that Anonymous has actually done a good thing? What, do you think that we should only ever come together to be round-the-clock cyber-terrorists, or we lose all credibility? Do all the other times Anonymous has done something like this just not count? Doesn't that strike you as a bit "no true Scotsman"? Don't you see the fallacy here?