Season 5 information appearing on IMDB - is this news?

Earlier today we were sent a link to a listing on IMDB, with a brief synopsis for the Season 5 premier. We are unsure if this is news, because we haven't been keeping tabs on these things and are willing to admit it.

The listing for Episode 1 is found here

And the brief synopsis reads as follows:

While still trying to adjust to her new role as the Princess of Friendship, Twilight learns that her new castle has a secret.

It is currently the only episode for season 5 listed on IMDB, and it only gives "2015" as the projected air date. Which dashes the hopes yet again that Season 5 will premier in the next 2 months.

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  1. and you should buy the castle toy for know the secret

    1. The secret is that it connects to more toys to expand the castle.


  2. I bet the castles secret is the slide

  3. Secret, but fun

  4. Anyone can submit updates to IDMb. And while all submitted updates must be approved by a staff member, they're not going to bother to check if the person updating has accurate information. In almost all cases, they assume that the information being submitted is accurate. At the bottom of every submission form, there's text that says:

    "By the action of sending information to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) via this form, you declare that the submitted data is correct to the best of your knowledge, not copyrighted by a third party and you hereby give the IMDb permission to use it."

  5. Cap, please don't grasp at straws like this too. I love you man, but come on.

    Anyway, the NYCC is on the ninth. One of you needs to get in there to stream the whole panel pronto!