Making News up, singing songs, and drinking round the world - Convention Season Commence

Tis the season for conventions, and Horse News is ready to bring  you coverage of....all kinds of them. Today we are happy to announce our upcoming Fall Conventions, for any of you that feel the need to come drink with the Horse News crew in the various cities, as we provide our hard-hitting fair and balanced reporting. Of most intrigue, is our coverage of New York Comic Con, and a little awesome thing called DrawnCon.

That's right everyone, the folks at New York Comic Con were awesome enough to send our New York locals, press passes for this weekend's events, INCLUDING the NYCC pony panel, hosted by Hasbro and IDW. Special guests for that panel include Amy Mebberson, Katie Cook, and others. Word on the street is that John De Lancie will also be lurking around the convention, taking a break from his quest to wipe out pirates on the high seas. Horse News will also have streams of the convention, hosted right here on the homepage, for people to watch at home. So be sure to look out for the exclusive announcements coming on Thursday night and Friday.

Speaking of New England, Horse News is heading to Boston this November to bring you coverage of a cartoon-centric convention called DrawnCon. Their staff was also gracious enough to grant us press passes, so that we have an excuse to go harrass Marky Mark Wahlberg and quote Boondock Saints whilst drunk on Bunker Hill. The con itself looks like it's going to be a good time, and if you're a New Englander, you should come check it out, runs November 15th and 16th.

Speaking of public intoxication, a post appeared for Nightmare Nights in Dallas, confirming the return of the only panel that matters "A drink with Mitch and Foal Papers". For anyone who missed the majesty of drunk Larson and drunker Starswirl the Foalpapers last year, the boys are back for round 2. And you can bet your ass that we will be there. That one is just a few weeks away now, so prepare your hype appropriately.

So I know you're probably thinking "3 cons? That's no big deal" and you'd be right, but we're not done yet.

Horse News Headquarters is Detroit, and right in our backyard, is Youmacon, celebrating their 10th year this Halloween. It's an anime/pop culture convention, and as such, Ponies typically take the damn place over. More than a few familiar faces will be showing up, and the Detroit branch of Horse News will be among them. You can expect HN operatives to be found at various other cons in Michigan as well.

New York, Boston, Detroit, and Dallas, all within just a few weeks of each other, this will be one hell of a Fall.

What cons are you going to? And who's buying the next round?

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  1. I've got an industry badge this year, though I don't know which days I'll be able to make it.

  2. So, a trifecta of con bans coming?

  3. HN deserves it.