Broadway Star lends vocal talent to My Little Pony - updates

Earlier today it was confirmed that Tony-Award winning musical actress Lena Hall lent her voice to My Little Pony. She tweeted this image of herself in the recording studio, claiming it was being used in Season 5. This isn't the first time Hall has been linked to ponies.

Earlier in 2014 following her Tony-award acceptance for Best Actress in a Musical, she listed My Little Pony as one of her biggest influences, alongside the likes of Marlon Brando. It's not yet known in what capacity her voice is being used, but given her musical background and Jayson Thiessen's tweets it's not outlandish to assume she will have a singing role.

It is confirmed that the episode was written by Amy Keating Rogers however.

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  1. How the fucking fuck......goddamn it......

  2. >look for her on imdb
    >Russian Broadway Shut Down (Short)
    >The Big Gay Musical
    Wife / Eve

    MLP confirmed for /lgbt/ pandering. :^)

    1. So they didn't ask for her because she has talent? Some politically-correct, affirmative action style pandering? There may be hope yet. Someone please call this broad out on her bullshit.

    2. You have to go to ibdb dot com for Broadway stars, imdb doesn't have accurate info.

      Her credits include:

      Hedwig and the Angry Inch
      Kinky Boots
      Dracula, the Musical
      42nd Street