Tidbits: It's all crumbling down edition: Sydneigh update, Scarves, Neal Dusedau, and so much more

So, as we all know, Sydneigh 2014 collapsed in a smoldering heap this week, along with Journey of the Spark, 4chan's moderation policies, The Hub Network, and any remaining hopes that we had of getting a keg for Nightmare Nights.

It's been a fuck of a week.
Read all about it.
First, let's talk about what the actual fuck you're looking at up-top.
Sydneigh is dead, but from it's ashes comes....PikaCon? Word is that a bunch of Aussies are getting together in Hyde Park in Sydney for a couple days. Don't ask why there is a ponified PikaChu as the mascot.

"After the fiasco that was Sydneigh, a prominent user of the Bronies Australia Forums (broniesaustralia.com.au) who goes by the alias "Pikachu" has decided to host his own convention open for all those who had booked flights and hotels in anticipation of Sydneigh. The convention already has many confirmed community guests, activities planned, and is set to be held at Hyde Park (although there is some talk that a venue in a nearby warehouse may be available). It's heartwarming to see the community banding together and making lemonade out of the lemons that they've been dealt!" 

Sure it's not much, but obviously it's very last-minute. If you were planning on going to Sydeigh and can't get a refund on flights/accomodations, then dicking around in the park is now an option.

Speaking of Sydneigh...

Sibsy got a Scarf!

We don't think that hashtag works for anything though.

Tinker offered up the opportunity to get dunked for charity. We will consider this offer carefully.

Moot is having a fuck of a time with GamerGate 

/mlp/ decided to look into the history of the new My Little Pony writer Neal Dusedau (then somebody got banned for it). The jury is out on him so far. He has a filthy sense of humor, which we just cannot tolerate. Fucker. We will await to see his writing abilities. It is hoped that he will prove himself as #based as Larson.

That will be tough though.


Your Waifu became more waifuy today.


The Hub got a touching tribute.

RIP in Peace Hub

Have a young Tara Strong

Too late.

So there you have it folks.
A hell of a week.

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  1. Capper, you mind telling me what precisely makes Larson "based" in your opinion?